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Custom Tannenburg and German Tucks
Two custom tucks commissioned by the same gentleman. These two pieces demonstrate the range these types of weapons achieved as the demands of knightly combat were perceived by its practitioners. The larger of the two is a trophy from the battle of Tannenburg. It has been is the Royal Armoury of Poland ever since. This piece is slightly downsized from the original which is a full 1-inch square at the hilt. Our replica is about 7/8 of an inch.

The second tuck is a replica of a very well preserved piece that was recently sold on the open market. It is attributed as German piece from 1540 and has a blade a little over 5/8 of an inch square at the hilt.

Tannenburg Tuck:
Overall length: 62.5"; Blade: 52" x .875"; Guard Width: 9.25"; Hilt Length: 10.5"

German Tuck:
Overall length: 46.5", Blade: 36" x .625"

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