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Custom Aged Hercules Knot Reitschwert
Starting in the mid-15th Century the knightly sword began to acquire a more complex hilt. The need for additional protection for the hand and a desire to have a sword serviceable for use in both the military and civilian context drove these developments. By the middle of the 16th Century the northern European countries developed a style of sword with the complex hilt and a blade well suited for use by cavalry and referred to it as a "Reitschwert".

This elegant example of such a sword illustrates the robust and economical form of hilt these swords often favored. It is highlighted by the use of the Hercules Knot on the back guard. The sword has a patina to create the illusion of age and wear. This piece was designed and executed by G. Bentson and I. Wall.

Overall Length: 46.5"; Blade: 38.875" x 1.5625"; Quillon Width: 10.4375"; Grip Length: 4.5"; Blade Thickness: .25" tapering to less than a .0625"; Fuller Width: .1875"; Fuller Length: 8.625"; Ricasso Length: 2"; Weight: 3.4 pounds; Balance Point: 5" from quillon block

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