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Custom Stibbert Museum Italian Rapier
The hilt of this rapier sweeps around the hand in graceful curves that create a protective cage for the hand of the swordsman wielding it. The plate set inside the hilt increases protection. The craftsman of this piece has taken the plate and pierced and cut the fore part to embellish the design, leaving it solid across the back guard.

The pommel is worked in an urn style popular to the period. The whole of the hilt finished in a satin steel. The blade is fairly long and is appropriate for the style of combat practiced in that period.

Original: Circa 1620, based on an original in the Stibbert Museum in Florence

Overall Length: 49.875"; Blade: 43" x 0.8125"; Weight: 3.1 pounds; Balance Point: 3.75" from guard

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