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Custom Halberd
This is a replica of a classic Halberd from the late 15th to early 16th century. This example has a slanted cutting edge, stout back spike with a chisel point and a top spike that thickens dramatically from the flat head to a full square and tapers over the distance to a stout tip.

The long langets are riveted to the ash shaft, which gives a sturdy foundation, as this significant pole arm would be wielded in combat. The socket, as is often seen on this type of pole arm, is substantial and extends nearly the entire height of the head.

Halberds were one of the most common pole arms of the period and the variation is so great as to make classification difficult. There are some styles that seem to be regional while others are seen across the expanse of Europe. The weapon is one that most collections have several and the diversity makes for an interesting area of research.

Approximate head size 34" x 10.5"

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