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Custom Partisan
This style of pole arm emerged in mid to early 1400s. It is definitely in the family of long thrust and cut spears that are seen in most depictions of pole arms up to this period and the distinctive arms or lugs that spring from the base of the bade may well have developed from the lugged spear.

Distinctive elements of partisans are the heavy center ridge in the lower part of the blade that quickly thins to a very thin body and is edged with a similar grind to a sword. These pieces were agile and nimble fighting weapons.

This example is proportioned to match one depicted on the coat of arms of the client. These weapons were made in many different size configurations and as the Renaissance period approached the arms are often more elaborate than this example and worked with etching or cutaways for display.

Approximate head size 19.5" X 5.5"

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