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Custom Danish Two-hander
This reproduction of a two-hander in the Danish National Museum was based on a piece found at Helsingør, Elsinore during the excavation of a sewage system in the 19th century. This unique style of sword is often referred to as a "Danish Two-hander" as several examples are known and they all seem to be concentrated in the area of Denmark and its environs. This piece was commissioned for an outstanding client who we have worked with several times.

These swords are an interesting style group. The have long grips in proportion to the blade, a down-turned guard and most often a stopper-styled pommel. The distinctive grip construction is another defining feature. It is made with two slabs of wood bound to the hilt with several sections of tightly wound wire. This is sometimes covered by leather and other times appears to have been left bare.

The handling of the sword maybe the most interesting attribute it possesses, as it proves to be a quick and responsive sword in the hand. The grip length allows for excellent leverage and very precise tip control.

Overall Length: 60.4"; Blade: 41.9" x 2.1"; Weight: 4.6 pounds; Balance Point: 4.06" from guard

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