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Custom Colichemarde
Smallswords are one of the most varied types of sword when one considers the blade. The hilts often have very minor variations on the basic design but the blades can have several different structural styles and configurations.

One of the most famous is the Colichemarde style of blade. Legend has it that the style of blade was invented and named after the Graf von Königsmark. The blade type is found on examples predating the counts lifetime, so while the name maybe a derivative of his, the blade type probably developed separately. It originated, most likely, from the late period rapier blades that had a wide forte, often with several fullers, and then a step down in width after the fullers ended. The cross section of these blades was usually hexagonal or diamond shape.

This step downed blade shape was incorporated with the deeply convexed tri-cornerd smallsword blades to become the style recognized as a Colichemarde. This reproduction was done for a great client of ours who is an instructor in the western martial arts. He plans on exploring the adjustments one must make to smallsword work in a period style with this type of blade. The lightweight and heat treatment of the blade posed some particular challenges to produce a piece that was acceptable to all of us.

Overall Length: 36.4"; Blade: 30.1"; Weight: 17.7 ounces; Balance Point: 2.4" from guard

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