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Custom Hand-and-a-half Sword
This piece was a real collaboration between an excellent client and A&A, Inc. The design was based on a mid 15th century Northern European style with the client choosing a set of gross dimensions to work towards. Then we worked to fulfill a sword that would react a certain way in the hand and be, in particular, a solid sword that would move easily between single-handed and hand a half use. Exact weight and balance point were secondary to action and presence in the hand. The result was something we were very happy with. It truly feels like a significant weapon in the hand but allows one or two-handed use.

In this case we did not weigh the piece until it was finished. We handled the weapon for a while and decided it needed the blade geometry adjusted slightly prior to it being "right" and ready to go. Only then did we spec out the piece. If we had weighed the item before hand it probably would have been in the design envelope and we would have stopped there. But as we were after a feeling rather than trying to make specific set of numbers come together in a piece a better sword was the result. It found its own point of what felt "right".

Overall Length: 42.5"; Blade: 34.1" x 2"; Weight: 2.8 pounds; Balance Point: 4.75" from guard

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