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Custom Two-handed Katzbalger
This sword is a modification of our standard Katzbalger. It is a two-handed version and has a dramatic lengthening of the blade from our standard model. The Katzbalger style of sword is one that can be seen in almost any size in the historical record. Often it is traditionally thought of as a shorter close in fighting weapon, but in the examples history has left us we see a huge variety in style and size. There are several examples of the sword style in the hand-and-a-half and two-handed configurations.

This piece turned out impressive in size and handling. The hilt was finished in a brushed steel and the extended grip is hardwood covered in black leather. The client requested we keep the proportion of fuller length to blade the same as our stock reproduction. This provided a very solid ricasso section in the forte of the blade.

Approximate size: Overall Length: 57"; Blade: 44" x 2"

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