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A Goedendag
This efficient and striking weapon was developed to counter armoured knights. Its simple effectiveness and ease of manufacture resulted in a very efficient weapon for the foot soldier against the mounted knight. This replica was done to specs supplied by the client to replicate an average weapon of the period. Shown here in a polished state and rough and black from the hammer. The spike is nearly an inch square at the base and over 10" long. The shaft is turned ash about 2 inches across at the top tapering to approximately an inch.

This weapon handles incredibly well and is striking for its smooth flow in the hands while delivering a considerably formidable attack.

Context supplied by the client:

"De goedendag" is a stiff short staff approximately a 150cm long. This club-like weapon is slightly thicker at the top and mounted with a stout iron spike anchored with an iron ring. The Goedendag was a simple and therefore inexpensive weapon, easy to fabricate. It was very popular in Flanders in the late 13th and early 14th century and proved to be very effective. The goedendag was used to give a blow, like a mace or a thrust with the spike, so the weapon had a double function. The weapon became famous due to its successful use against the knights of the French army in the Battle of the Golden Spurs at Courtrai (Flanders - Belgium) on July 11, 1302 (still the Flemish national holiday today), where it was used in a formation with pike men. In this battle, some 600 French knights were killed. After the battle, word was spread that a Flemish foot-soldier with his goedendag would match two mounted knights, while before that battle a knight was deemed to be equal to 10 foot-soldiers. The name "goedendag" is alleged to come from "goed dagge" which means "good dagger", although the Flemish themselves in those days referred to it as "pinned staff".

Approximate size: Overall Length: 54.8"; Spike: .9" x 10.6"; Weight 4.6 pounds

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