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Irish Sgian
This Irish knife is based on some of the surviving knives in Irish Collections. This piece was created for a customer who wanted a very typical large Irish fighting knife. He wanted to have an aged finish to match the rest of his collection of armor and weapons.

This style of knife is often depicted carried by the Irish Kerne or infantry man of the period. Their sgians are usually shown to be quite long, but shorter versions where probably commomn as well. The use of these larger knives could be similar to a sword or in the "ice-pick" manner. But it seems clear they were seen as an effectice and needed armament for the late medieval Irish warrior.

Overall Length: ~23"; Blade: ~18";

Based on originals in the Irish National Museum.

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Here is a second example of this style knife not aged as the dagger above, but with a simple scabbard on a slim baldrick strap. It was ordered with a Hungarian Axe with additional langets as a set for the arms of an Irish Warrior. The objective was to keep the items simple and to replicate that type of weapons a common soldier of the period may have had.

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