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Double Loop Hilt Smallsword
This sword is based on our Loop Hilt Smallsword, a client wanted a sword in the style of a loop hilt but that one could use in the right or left hand. This variant is seen in several instances in the 18th century. It is composed of the knuckle and fore arm much as any smallsword but has the finger rings and shells left of completely. The remainder of the guard consists of two elegant sweeps that loop from the block to form a ring with a bar that rises to the knuckle bow in a graceful curve. This sword is done with a blued hilt and a grip wound with blackened steel wire.

This piece is mounted with a diamond-sectioned blade with a complex distal taper. This style of blade was very common in the period. An original blade from a smallsword was used as a model to achieve the authentic action for this sword.

The sword is pictured with its scabbard and hanger. This is the traditional style of hanger for a smallsword in this period. It consists of our standard leather scabbard mounted with two bands and a tip. The bands have rings that receive snap hooks suspended by chains from a belt clip made of steel.

Original: Circa 1780 European

Overall Length: 35"; Blade: 30" x .8"; Weight: 1.2 pounds; Balance Point: 3.5" from guard

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