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10th Century Type X
The original sword this replica is based on would most likely date from the last half of the tenth century to the begnning of the eleventh. An Oakeshott Type X sword with a type A pommel and style 6 guard. This is truly a classic sword of its type. This sword exihibits the broad blade of the Type X with the wide fuller, the ever so slightly curved guard and nicely shaped tea cozy pommel seen in art of the period as well as surviving examples. This style of sword would have been popular across Europe when it was made.

The sword was commissioned from the book reference below, built to the listed details of the original and the preferences of the customer where desired. The grip is crossed with twine under the leather to give some visual detail and give a sense of the swords position in the hand.

This blade comes alive when handled and would have been an exceptional fighting sword. This is an excellent representative of this important period in sword development.

Overall length: 35.4"; Blade length: 30.25"; Blade Width: 2.25"; Quillon Width: 6.2"; Grip Length: 3.54"; Point of Balance: 6.2";
Weight: 2.6 pounds

Original: Detailed on page 124 in Swords of the Viking Age, currently in a private collection, sword said to have been found in Spain.

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