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Fighting knives called Seax where probably the most common weapons used by European warriors from around the 6th Century to well into the Medieval period. The development of the use of edged weapons in the European context is connected to this knife in the most basic way. It was made in many varieties and sizes, ranging from blades of just a few inches to full sized single handed swords.

The knives defined as a Seax are a large group and include types such as the short seax, long seax, broad seax and narrow seax. These are further divided by the shape of the blade and whether the back or sharp edge is straight or curved. The one thing that is clear is that they where used across the continent of Europe in one of the most dynamic periods for the development of personal combat.

One of the subtypes we like in the shop is the straight edged Anglo-Saxon style called a broken back Seax. This name is descriptive of the sharp angle on the back edge of the blade and the long straight cutting edge coming to a strong point.

On this page we will picture some of the pieces we have made in the past and continue to make as custom orders. If you are interested in such a piece, drop us a line and find out about getting a Seax made for you.

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Broke back style with stag horn grip with bronze details.

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