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Mainz Style Gladius
The Roman Gladius was the side arm of the legionary and one of the most famous swords of all time. The renowned tactics of the Legions where based on the coordinated use of the Gladius and the Scutum (Roman Shield) in formation. While there are some notable exceptions, these tactics dominated the ancient world for centuries. It could be argued that the rise of Rome as an ancient super power was accomplished with the Gladius in hand.

Pictured here are two custom Gladius crafted in the Mainz style. The guard is hand carved in walnut and ash with solid bronze fittings. The blade is shaped by hand, tempered to a period hardness and sharpened to a fine edge. This style of weapon would have been used in the period around the 1st Century.

This is an excellent piece for anyone interested in a sword of the Roman period. The weapons and tactics of the Roman Legions are some of the most recognizable armaments ever made and are a great addition to any collection of swords.

Overall L: ~29.5" Blade L: ~20.5" Weight: just under 2 pds

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