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Thames Basket-hilt
An early English basket-hilt recovered from the bed of the Thames River. This elegant sword now resides in the Royal Armoury in Leeds and is one of the finest examples of this Tudor style of early barred basket-hilt.

This sword represents a uniquely English style of hilt. The large globose pommel is an element seen in civilian rapiers of the time but also on these military style swords. The guard made from round or ovoid bars is stoutly made but not highly finished. The original probably represents an excellent example of a common military sword of the period. The remains of a similar sword was found with the wreck of the Mary Rose which sunk in 1545.

This reproduction is hand made to the original specifications and the hilt blued. The pommel is hollow and the blade is hardened. While we are unaware of the hardness of the blade on the original, the Mary Rose sword has been tested and found to be a blade of very low carbon steel and only the edges being case hardened to a minimal level.

This piece was commissioned by a client to replicate the style of sword that would be worn by a common soldier or man at arms of the mid 16th century.

Original: Circa 1540 English, Find place Thames River, Royal Armouries, Leeds (IX.4427)

Overall length: 43.5"; Blade: 37.4" x 1.6"

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