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Banded Medieval Rondel
The Rondel dagger appeared in many configurations over the medieval period. These stout knives were the dagger used most often in 14th C. armored combat. Several of the combat treatises of the period describe and illustrate specific techniques for its use.

This piece features discs of steel for the pommel and guard and a unique grip. The hardwood core is wrapped in a steel band with two parallel runs of roped brass wire. This combination was requested by the commissioner of this piece and based on surviving examples of historical weapons. You can see a discussion of this dagger here.

The blade is quite thick along the back and slightly hollow ground to the cutting edge. The point of these daggers are often quite stout providing impressive penetration of a target. You can read a great article here Spotlight: Rondel Daggers.

Originals: Mid 14th C. Royal Armouries, Leeds (X-599) and others.

Overall Length: 20.25" Blade length: 15.5" Grip Length: 4.25" Weight: 1pd. 2 oz. Review: Rondel Dagger from Arms & Armor

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