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The term Haudegen translates as Hewing Sword. This 17th C. sword would have been see in great numbers in the conflicts of the Flemish and German States. Battles across northern Europe connected to The Thirty Years War would have had soldiers of many nations carrying similar swords.

This style of sword was used by troopers for cavalry and infantry duty as the versatile design worked well for both. The guard offers good protection to the hand, and the sword was adept at striking and thrusting. It is usually mounted with a thumb ring which allows the winding and turning leverage needed in a single handed sword in hand to hand combat.

See similar styles of sword and the original this is based on, discussed here Wallon Swords and the sword replica itself at

Original: Circa mid 17th C., Solingen?.

Overall L: 38.75"; Blade L: 31.9"; Blade W: 1.375"; Weight: 2.8 lbs;
Balance Point: 3.5"

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