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Moonbrand Late 13th Century Type XIV Sword
Titled Moonbrand by Ewart Oakeshott who owned this sword for many years. This iconic example of a Type XIV style blade is remarkable agile for its size. This is due to the extreme taper that starts at the hilt and reduces down to just 2mm thick near the tip. The four narrow fullers are a feature that is seen in some examples but most have just one central fuller. The hilt is steel with a large wheel pommel and a guard that bends forward towards the tip. The large pommel nut on this sword sits down slightly into a recess in the top of the pommel.

This is the type of sword depicted in I.33, the earliest European personal combat instruction that we know of today. It dates from the late 13th century, as does this sword style. This was a dynamic time in the use of the sword as combatants transitioned from mail to plate armor and the use of the buckler was common. The swords shape and dynamics would have made it a powerful cutting sword and difficult to counter mid cut.

Overall length: 36.3"; Blade Length: 29.25"; Blade Width: 2.95"; Guard Width: 9.25"; Grip Length: 3.6"; Balance Point: 2.4"; Weight: 3.26 lbs / 1480 gr

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