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Russian-Styled Viking Sword
This is an eastern Viking-styled sword of Oakeshott Type XI with custom steel hilt of trilobite form for the two-piece pommel. The eastern style of attachment for this hilt is to have the tang peened on the top of the pommel. In western versions one will find swords peened on the lower element of the pommel and the top attached via separate rivets or possibly even mastic.

Inspired by sword documented in Kirkpichnikov's Old Russian Weapons. This work on early Russian weapons has some fine examples of Viking-styled swords used in the east. The hilt type would be classified as a variant of a Petersen Type Z as described in The Norweigan Viking Swords by Jan Petersen (1919).

This sword was made with a baldric and hard scabbard in a red color. The punched and engraved steel fittings are based on examples from the period and region.

Overall length: 37.5"; Blade Length: 31"; Guard Width: 6.75"; Grip Length: 3.8"; Balance Point: 5"; Weight: lbs / 1268 gr

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