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#150 Katzbalger Dagger
The German and Swiss Landsknechts were considered the elite troops of their day. Their weapons were designed for the close-in fighting of hand-to-hand combat, being light and quick in action. We have created this matching dagger to accompany the #149 Katzbalger Sword. The unique hilt of these weapons consists of a figure-eight shaped guard and a grip and pommel of a unique shape. They are very comfortable in the hand and well suited for the style of combat.

Original: Circa 1560, Deutsches Klingen Museum, Solingen

Overall length: 12.625"; Blade length: 8.25"; Blade width: 1.125"

$295 + $23 shipping and handling

#064 Dagger Sheath
Scabbard of black leather and a belt loop at the top. [ View Details ]

$30 + $18 shipping and handling (free s/h if ordered with dagger)

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