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#160 Medieval Knife
This knife was inspired by the many knives found along the banks of the Thames River in London. The use of refuse to fill areas along the bank in the 14th and 15th Centuries created a treasure trove for today's archeologist. The majority of items found turned out to be knives and shears of many different types. The amount of knives and scabbards found included many fine examples of the common Medieval knife for us to draw upon in producing this functional side arm of the common man.

The blade on this knife is hand forged and the bolster and grip are formed by hand so there is slight variation in each knife to dimensions, color of wood and grain. These excellent knives can be used as eating utensils, costume knives or a striking letter opener on your desk.

Originals: Early 1400's, English. The Museum of London, Dept. of Urban Archaeology

Overall length: ~10"; Blade length: ~6.5"

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