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#216 Aunlaz
Aunlaz is a term used for a short dagger of English Infantry in the 14th C. The dagger we have depicted here is based on a 14th C, example from the collection of the Royal Armouries in Leeds. This dagger style is depicted in art and example from the early medieval period right through to the 16th C. this is a classic weapon of the medieval soldier.

While the original of this dagger is attributed as possibly English in origin by the Royal Armouries, many examples of this style appear in art, from the earliest we have found in the Hrabanus Maurus Monte Cassino, written in the second quarter of the 11th C., and seen in the famous Maciejowski Bible where it is depicted in several of the Battle scenes being employed by soldiers and Knights.

This style of fighting knife was popular throughout Europe and the H shaped hilt developed into the famous Holbien daggers of the Renaissance period. The hilt is crafted with hand formed steel guard and pommel and a stained hard wood grip.

Original: 14th C., Royal Armouries, Leeds, possibly English

Overall length: 12.75"; Dagger blade: 9"

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#064 Dagger Sheath
Heavy leather with a belt loop attached and a single stitched seam up the back of the sheath. [ View Details ]

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