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#225 Knightly Dagger
Many of the classic illustrations of knights in battle show desperate combat with daggers of this type. The dagger we have replicated here is based on an early 15th C. example from a private collection. This dagger style was common from the early medieval period to well into the 16th Century. It has a tapered wheel pommel detailed with a recessed face and centered dome. The down turned guard ends in beaded terminals.

These fighting knives were popular throughout Europe. The stout tapering blade gave good stabbing power and the ability to lever against opponents weapons and body. Many of the depictions of these weapons in conflict show antognist in close combat where a sturdy well made weapon is essential. The hilt is crafted from steel and a leather covered hard wood grip.

Original: 15th C., Private Collection, United Kingdom.

Overall length: 14"; Dagger blade: 9"

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#064 Dagger Sheath
Heavy leather with a belt loop attached and a single stitched seam up the back of the sheath. [ View Details ]

$30 + $18 shipping and handling (free s/h if ordered with dagger)

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