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#226 Chevalier Dagger
This interesting dagger is from the late 15th Century. It has a square pommel with four facets on each face. The guard has a slight curve towards the point of the blade and ends with the tips down turned sharply. The steel componenets are finished with a smooth brushed finish and the hardwood grip is covered in leather.

The use of a square pommel is not unique with this dagger but it is not a common form. This knife is similar to a dagger said to have been taken from Francis I of France at the Battle of Pavia and now in the Real Armeria in Madrid. The example we have replicated was in a collection of item pictured from the early 1900's but its current residence is unknown.

Original: late 15th C., current collection unknown, possibly French.

Overall length: 14"; Dagger blade: 9"

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#064 Dagger Sheath
Heavy leather with a belt loop attached and a single stitched seam up the back of the sheath. [ View Details ]

$30 + $18 shipping and handling (free s/h if ordered with dagger)

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