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#235 Alpine Dagger
This elegant dagger is based on one from the Northern area of modern Italy. The grip is an ovoid shape with a smooth unfaceted surface. The bronze guard and pommel are mirrors of each other and form gentle crescent shapes. The hardwood grip is stained dark and inset into the furniture.

This form of dagger evolved from the baselard's characteristic hilt features. While the early forms of the baselard are similar to a capital letter I the arms of the hilt here can be seen forming a crescent-shaped pommel and crossguard. These curved shapes start showing up as early as the late 13th century but the example we have here is from the later half of the 15th Century. The style seems to have stayed centered on the Alpine region of Europe and ranged from modern northern Italy to southern Germany.

This is a great example of an early gothic dagger that represents an important style of fighting knife. Similar daggers are depicted in many paintings of this period and can often be seen on the soldiers of the period.

Original: late 15th C., Giacinti Collection, Rome.

Overall length: 13.9"; Dagger blade: 9"

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#064 Dagger Sheath
Heavy leather with a belt loop attached and a single stitched seam up the back of the sheath. [ View Details ]

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