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#241 Köln Messer
A dark hardwood grip accents the deadly steel of this stout knife. A piece that would have been contemporary with rondel daggers, this messer would have been the equal to any in knightly hand to hand combat. Strong enough to use as a lever against an armored opponent it could also slice with deadly intent when meeting a softer target than armor.

A solid steel butt and stout guard offer a feeling of power when held in the hand in either grip. This dagger would work well for such combat systems as Liechtenauer or Fiore.

Original: 14th C, Kölnisches Stadtmuseum.

Overall length: 17.25"; Blade length: 12.37"; Blade width 1"; Grip length: 3.5"; Guard width: 3"; Weight .9 lbs

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#119 Parrying Dagger Sheath
Heavy leather with a belt loop attached and a single stitched seam up the back of the sheath. [ View Details ]

$36 + $18 shipping and handling (free s/h if ordered with dagger)

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