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Heritage Items
These distinctive historically-inspired pieces are hand crafted for clients with details of special significance. Created to mark important occasions or as a symbol of your family's values and unity, these unique items will make an indelible statement for years to come.

Our clients have commissioned pieces for such purposes as: Weddings, Engagements, Promotions, Incentive Rewards, Coming of Age Ceremonies, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Partnerships, Retirements, Reunions, Family Heirlooms, Fraternal Organizations and Orders

As well as décor items for rooms such as: Great Rooms, Wine Cellars, Libraries/Studies, Offices, Entertainment Rooms

Arms & Armor will design and craft your piece to be outstanding in workmanship, detail and finish. These pieces can often take time to develop and execute so it is a good idea to contact us as early as possible to make sure we can complete the item in time for your special event.

Examples of our heritage items might include such elements as a family surname or an individuals name, a motto, a family crest, date or signifigant achievement, as well as custom features or attachments to the piece.

These incredible pieces bring the highest art of the armorer directly from the hand of the period craftsman. The talented Samuel Haverkamp creates these exceptional items form the period pieces.

We at Arms & Armor look forward to creating an heirloom for your family and those important to you that will last lifetimes. Please contact us for more details.