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Reproductions by Samuel Haverkamp
Samuel Haverkamp has taken a great deal of time and effort to make available some of the most significant works of European Arms and Armor in the last 500 years. We are happy to bring these exacting reproductions to our line of items. These incredible, limited production, pieces were created from museum copies and molds of the originals using a highly specialized metal forming process. The metal is deposited molecule by molecule over an extended time to create an exact replica with zero loss of detail. Near the end of the 19th Century this was the process used to replicate metal works of art for Museums and the highest end of the decorative arts market. Today some of these 18th century reproductions can cost tens of thousands of dollars. These Museum quality reproductions are then hand finished with pains taking detail to produce the elegant luster of a fine piece of art.

#964 and #965 Shield of Henry II of France (1519-1559)
The design of the shield is attributed to the Parisian goldsmith and printmaker Ètienne Delaune (1518/19-1583)

A near flawless reproduction of Royal Parade Armour, from designs by Etienne Delaune. Etienne was recorded as a journeyman goldsmith in Paris in 1546 and worked briefly as the King's Chief medalist at the royal mint in 1552. In 1556 he furnished designs for Henry's parade armor. These shields are part of the collection for display in the Armoury at Pavilion d'Armes at Fontainebleau. A small number of these shields will be produced, not to exceed 200 of each style worldwide.

Copper/Nickel/Aluminum; Ht. 26 in. W. 18 in, Depth 3.5 in.

Each shield $895.00 + 60.00 Shipping and Handling

#967 The Milton Shield (1866)
A near flawless reproduction of the famous Milton Shield. Based on the poem published in 1664 by John Milton, the shield narrates the War in Heaven in magnificent detail. Designed in Silver & Iron repousse by Leonard Morel Ladeuil. This Shield was the sensation at the Paris Exposition 1866, receiving a Gold Metal. The original masterpiece took three years in the making and now you may hang a copy of this exceptional work on your wall. The Shield is marked in script "Morel Ladeuil Fecit 1866".

According to the Curator George Wallis of the South Kensington Museum (now Victoria and Albert Museum), "Every face expresses the appropriate mental emotion or passion. There is awe and fear expressed in the face of Adam, and modesty in that of Eve, as they listen to the recital by Raphael of the conflict between the hosts of Heaven and Hell ... There is Michael-Angelo-like force of drawing in the terrified faces and forms of the defeated rebels as they are driven out of Heaven, ... How fiercely St. Michael wields his flaming sword, as he stands on the prostrate body of the Dragon! Sin and Death are represented with their appropriate symbols at the bottom of the Shield, and soaring far above the region of conflict, strife, defeat, sin and death, seraphic and angelic figures, borne on wings, approach, in attitude adoring, the cherub-surrounded Emblem of all Light and Life, ... and delicately-worked leafage, in low relief, is introduced to fill up the space not occupied by the illustration of the poem."

Every effort has been made to create a perfect reproduction of this masterwork. There are a few very small flaws, as the process picks up every detail from its 19th century master. A small number of these shields will be produced, not to exceed 200 worldwide. Each piece is completely hand shaped, plated, polished and then numbered. This shield is a created on a per order basis. As collectors ourselves take great pride in our work and hopefully the images speak for themselves.

Copper/Nickel/Aluminum; Ht. 33.5 in. W. 25.5 in, Depth 2 in.

$2000.00 + 60.00 Shipping and Handling

As parade armor of the past, these items are for impressive display on the field or Castle wall and not intended for combat or hard use.

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