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Arms & Armor has launched a new category of our products. We often have custom or group projects that inspire a small production run of pieces. Bringing more diversity to the products available to those who appreciate medieval arms and armor has always been one of our goals. We decided a great way for this to happen was limited editions from our craftsmen.

We will update the page to illustrate any changes on what is available. If you would like to order any of the items just give us a call at 800-745-7345 or drop us an e-mail.

Updated 10/6/2014

Limited Edition Schweizerdegen

#8003 Schweizerdegen

This sword typifies the sidearm of the Swiss pikemen, famous for their infantry tactics in the 15th century. Simple in form but very effective, this weapon was found in the kit of soldiers, mercenaries and the common man of the day.

First seen in the mid 14th century and continuing in popularity through the 16th century this form of sword appeared in many variations. The over all length could vary from a large dagger to the single-handed sword. They where often worn hung from a belt vertically in the front rather than on the side as most swords appear to have been worn.

Great examples of these swords and how they where worn are depicted in art of the period, such as the work of Diebold Schilling der Jüngere.

In use, the sword would have been comparable and concurrent with the Landsknechts Katzbalger. These two sword types share a wide pommel section, which seats the sword firmly in the hand. This allows the short edge strikes of the Meister Hau (master strikes) of the Lichtenauer school of swordsmanship to be executed very effectively with increased leverage.

This sword has hand made hilt components of steel and a wooden grip of dark walnut. The blade is diamond in cross section made from 6150 steel tempered to a 50Rc hardness.

Overall length: 34.5"; Blade Length: 29.1"; Blade Width: 1.37"; Grip length: 3.75"; Balance Point: ~8.25"; Weight: 1.2 lbs/565 gr

$530.00 + $44.00 shipping and handling

#116 Sword Scabbard
A heavy leather scabbard with a single seam up the back side available in black or brown. [ View Details ]

$175 + $18 shipping and handling (free s/h if ordered with sword)

Limited Edition Type L Axe

#8002 Type L Fighting Axe

This Nordic fighting axe is from the Peterson Type L style. This single handed axe has a hardened sharp edge. Light and fast, it is mounted on an ash or hickory haft with subtle shaping to give better handling and control. The angled shape of the axe head allows for a blow to land with the entire length of the cutting edge. This axe is hand forged from 1050 steel. You can see similar pieces made by A&A in action on a great website on Viking culture and combat here Hurstwic.

This type of axe is quite impressive in its handling as the light weight allows for a very fast weapon that can counter and strike with very swift actions. It is not the type of weapon used to beat an opponent to the ground but rather strikes with the agility and speed of a well made sword.

These items are hand made in total so there will be slight variations in shape and dimensions.

Overall L: ~26" Head front to back L: ~6.5" Cutting Edge L: ~6" Weight: ~1.4 lbs/660 gr

$285.00 + $40.00 shipping and handling