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#961 Medieval Alliance

Your Lord has summoned you; a difficult task is given to you. You are to set forth on a challenging journey of fun and history.

As a Knight of the late Middle Ages (1000-1500 AD), you are given a delicate mission by the prominent ruler you serve. You are sent to form an alliance with a wealthy distant kingdom. To win this King's favor, you are to bring gifts to present to him, but beware: his head guard is overly protective. If you are caught in the castle, the guard will evict you. The first knight to get to the Kingšs throne and present their gifts wins the game.

You will quest after the items you need as gifts for the king of Agrafor. A mission card will detail which treasures of armor, a well-crafted weapon, a luxury item from the East, and a work of fine art (a painting, engraving, mosaic or sculpture) you must collect.

The Chance Cards tell tales that invite the player into the Middle Ages and contain historical facts and information about the period. As part of the game, players will meet and travel with prominent figures from these centuries, including artists, scientists and authors. Players will also encounter life from this period, from the commonplace food and shelter of serfs, to the lofty pursuits of kings and popes.

In their journeys Knights will gain knowledge of:
  • Art, Music, and Literature
  • Science and Medicine
  • Law and Government
  • Daily Life
  • Trade and Economics
  • Inventions

    Medieval Alliance is a Winner of the 2006 Dr. Toy "Smart Toy" Award!

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