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Some one-time deals to replace your lost kit after a long campaign season.
These items are available on a first come first serve basis as there are only the items pictured available. We will update the page to illustrate any changes on what is available. If you would like to order any of the items just give us a call at 800-745-7345 or drop us an e-mail.

Updated 12/13/2016

14th Century Single-edged Dagger

Here's an early 14th century dagger mounted with a strong blade. The steel furniture consists of a downed-turned cross-guard with decorative file cuts and a classic wheel pommel. The blade is worked on each side with a single deep narrow fuller. A leather-covered grip with reinforcing risers is dyed to a dark reddish brown. Includes custom fit double layer leather scabbard with decorative risers and hand-stitched seam.

Overall Length: 17.25"; Blade Length: 12.25"; Blade Width: 0.875"; Guard Width: 3.375"; Total weight: 11.4 oz (323.5 grams) includes scabbard

SOLD $395 + $18 shipping and handling

Late 15th Century Halberd

Here is a halberd from the late 1400s with long top spike and an aggressive slanted cutting edge. The steel langets are riveted to a dark stained ash haft.

An iconic polearm with many variations, the halberd is one of the most seen in the historical record of surviving pieces and art. This style is one of the most recognizable and a classic addition for any collection or display.

Overall Length: ~8'; Head: 25"; Spike 17"; Langets 19"

$860 + $80 shipping and handling

Tea Cozy Pommel Type X

This 11th century sword is an excellent example of the type that was used by many of the nationalities of that period. Frank, Norse, Anglo-Saxon and Norman to just name a few of the peoples who would have been proud to wield such a blade.

These broad single-handed blades are complex in cross-section and have subtle tapering to achieve a great feeling in the hand and a very effective cutting action in combat.

The steel hilt is peened and the grip is finished with a dark reddish brown leather over hardwood.

Overall length: 34..4"; Blade Length: 28.6"; Blade Width: 2.4"; Grip Length: 3.5"; CoG: 5.1"; Weight: 2.72 pounds (1238 grams)

$1060 + $44 shipping and handling

Viking Sword Type X

This sword is based on a family of Type X swords that have short straight guards and large D-shaped pommel. There are two excellent examples in the Musee de l’Armée in Paris, one in Oslo at the University Oldsaksamling and another in the Nationalmuseet in Copenhagen. The broad blade is a fearsome cutter and the whole swords moves well in the hand.

These 10th century swords are some of the styles that are the last of the Viking swords prior to the appearance of medieval hilt styles. Such swords would be seen in the hands of warriors at some of the great battles of the 10th and 11th centuries.

See some of the swords mentioned above in this topic.

Overall length: 34.25"; Blade Length: 28.5"; Blade Width: 2.4"; Grip Length: 3.4"; CoG: 4.1"; Weight: 2.79 pounds (1266 grams)

$1060 + $44 shipping and handling

13th Century Mace

Early Medieval flanged maces were simple designs. This 13th century example has simple pointed flanges brazed into a hollow pipe body adorned with a simple steel cap brazed in place. This structure of mace head would continue to be used throughout the medieval period but later examples would often be highly detailed with cutouts and sweeping shapes to the flanges.

An original in this style would have been made from iron, but this example is made in mild tool steel. The head is socketed and mounted to a solid ash haft.

Overall length: 25.5"; Head length: 6.8"; Flange length: 3.5"; Weight 2.1 pounds (953 grams)

$580 + $40 shipping and handling

Seax with Antler Grip

Here is a nice sized Seax with an antler grip, bronze detail and double fullers in the broke back style blade. The elk antler teardrop cross-section feels quite good in the hand. The blade is just under .25" thick at the hilt and has a nice taper to its sharp point.

Overall length: 18"; Blade Length: 13.25"; Blade Width: 1.25" at hilt, 1.6" at widest point ; Grip Length: 4.5"

SOLD $390 + $29 shipping and handling

15th Century Longsword

Elegant longswords of this style are some of the most iconic Type XVIIIa swords. They are hand-and-a-half swords with quick action and are stiff for thrusting. This piece has a wheel pommel and faceted straight guard that turns towards the point at the end of the arms.

Seen throughout the 1400s this sword is also the type often depicted in the fight books of the period. This piece has a black grip steel hilt and a fullered blade.

Overall length: 44.1"; Blade Length: 34.4"; Blade Width: 2"; Grip Length: 7.1"; CoG: 2.5"; Weight: 3.19 pounds (1450 grams)

SOLD $1190 + $51 shipping and handling

Type L War Axe

This fearsome axe measures nearly 10 inches on the cutting edge and overall about 52" in height. The head is a classic Type L form allowing for excellent edge contact with your target. The ash haft is oval in cross-section allowing for the user to control edge alignment in the strike.

This axe is very similar to our Danish War Axe but with a different head shape. They would be concurrent in their time of use.

Overall length: 34.25"; Blade Length: 28.5"; Blade Width: 2.4"; Grip Length: 3.4"; CoG: 4.1"; Weight: 2.79 pounds (1266 grams)

SOLD $385 + $48 shipping and handling

Wallace Ballock Sets with Custom Grips

Here are two variations of our #199 Wallace Ballock set. Each set of ballock knife, by-knife and pricker are gripped with a different wood than the standard maple. One has a piece of dark Purple Heart and the other is carved from an Ash Burl, which gives a unique look to this set. They have black scabbards that hold all the items and are ready to add to your arsenal.

Ash Burl Grips:

SOLD $790 + $29 shipping and handling

Purple Heart Grips:

SOLD $790 + $29 shipping and handling

Roman Spatha

Here we offer an early example of the longer Roman sword called a Spatha. Crafted in steel with hardwoods for the hilt. In this case we have chosen a contrasting light grip and dark pommel and guard as some surviving examples show was done.

The Spatha was used by mounted troops, especially auxiliaries made up of the warriors from the border regions that had been incorporated into the Roman armies. These longer swords allowed for greater reach from horseback and would later begin to be used by troops fighting on foot, eventually replacing the shorter Gladius.

This hardened steel blade and the hand carved hilt are in the classic form of this sword.

Overall length: 34.2"; Blade Length: 26.3"; Blade Width: 1.4"; Grip Length: 3.5"; Balance Point: 7.63"; Weight: 1.32 pounds (602 grams)

SOLD $780 + $44 shipping and handling

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