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Some one-time deals to replace your lost kit after a long campaign season.
These items are available on a first come first serve basis as there are only the items pictured available. We will update the page to illustrate any changes on what is available. If you would like to order any of the items just give us a call at 800-745-7345 or drop us an e-mail.

More Christmas Knives!

We have added two additional holiday knives. See Knife F and Knife G below.

Happy holidays!

Christmas Knives!

Every year we make a few special pieces for the holidays. Whether the perfect gift for someone else or the piece you have always wanted, these will make a great addition to your festivities. These are all based on examples from the medieval period and are the types of knives one would see on the belts of warrior as well as the common man.

The blades are hardened steel and mounted with some interesting woods. The pins and tube rivets are set as they would have been in the day and should make sturdy knives for a life time of service.

Knife A:
A grip of mahogany, reclaimed lumber from a house that was over a hundred years old, is polished to a high sheen on this solid knife. The bolster and 5 pins in the grip are brass.

Overall length: 12"; Blade length: 8.2"; Grip length: 3.8"

$260 + $25 shipping and handling

Knife B:
Steel pins, set in diamond patterns, a bolster and butt plate frame the black walnut grip on this large knife. This style of blade would be an excellent example of something a bit nicer than the every day piece, but meant for serious work.

Overall length: 14.43"; Blade length: 9.95"; Grip length: 4"

SOLD $285 + $25 shipping and handling

Knife C:
The striking dark wood of this grip is Wenge and is contrasted with a bolster, 7 pins and a tube rivet at the rear. This curved shape is seen on many knives used at table and worn in the medieval period.

Overall length: 10.25"; Blade length: 5.75"; Grip length: 4"

SOLD $280 + $25 shipping and handling

Knife D:
This sturdy knife is mounted with a Jatoba wood grip; an exotic wood from South America that is highly durable. The warm brown grip is set with three tube rivets.

Overall length: 12.25"; Blade length: 8.32"; Grip length: 3.85"

SOLD $245 + $25 shipping and handling

Knife E:
This beautiful knife is based on the hunting knives depicted in the Livre de chasse (Book of the Hunt) commissioned by Gaston Phoebus, 11th count of Foix.

The hardened steel blade is fit with a scale grip of Kings wood mounted with bronze tube rivets. The knife fits neatly in the hand and would have been an excellent tool for the huntsman of the late 14th C.

Overall length: 10"; Blade length: 6"; Grip length: 4"

SOLD $245 + $25 shipping and handling

Knife F:
This bauernwehr style knife is finished in Ipe wood, known for its extreme hardness and durability. It is mounted with four tubular rivets. The grip is cusped on the end and has a buffed finish.

Overall length: 13.9"; Blade length: 10"; Grip length: 3.9"

SOLD $260 + $25 shipping and handling

Knife G:
Another Gaston Pheobus style hunting knife. This example is larger in size and has a handle mounted with bronze pins and dark walnut. This very comfortable knife is quite impressive in the hand.

Overall length: 12.6"; Blade length: 7.5"; Grip length: 5"

SOLD $250 + $25 shipping and handling

We have a few more underway and will add them as they are finished. Call us for shipping info if you would like to arrive by Christmas.

Modified Hungarian Axe

Here is one of our Hungarian Axes with a modified head shape, dictated by a casting flaw.

Overall length: 51"; Blade: 10" x 6.5"

SOLD $175 + $48 shipping and handling

Custom Italian Rapier, circa 1600

This handsome rapier is hand-built with details from an Italian original from the turn of the 17th century. The ribbon detail is filed by hand into the steel hilt creating a bold and interesting design. It covers the pommel, hilt structure and includes the center block. The grip has an enhanced wire wrap to provide a dramatic high low look and firm grip.

This form of rapier with a strong wide blade would have been a solid side arm for a fighter of the time allowing not only thrusting ability but a solid cut as well. This hilt form is a Norman type 57.

Overall Length: 45.8"; Blade Length: 37.9"; Blade Width: 1.1"; Grip Length: 3.2"; Balance Point: 3" in front of guard; Weight: 2.71 lbs (1232 gr)

SOLD $1670 + $48 shipping and handling

Burgundian Poleaxe with Rondel

This is a customized version of our #217 Burgundian Poleaxe mounted with a steel rondel and spiked butt. The rondel is 3.5 inches in diameter and mounted 13.25 inches below the head. The butt is a steel spike with a fluted ball detail at the base and all are mounted on an ash haft.

Most poleaxes of the period would have been mounted with a rondel to help protect the forward hand.

Overall Length: 73.75"; Blade Length: 6.6"; Rondel Dia: 3.5"; Top spike: 8.75"; Butt Spike: 4"; Weight: ~4.4 pounds

SOLD $505.00 + $62 shipping and handling

Special St. Maurice Sword

A special version of our #145 St. Maurice Sword has been finished with bronze pommel and guard. The grip has turks heads of wound wire top and bottom. This example was made custom for someone who was unable to complete the purchase.

Based on the coronation sword of the Holy Roman Emperor, this sword is quite impressive.

Overall Length: 43.3"; Blade Length: 37.5"; Blade Width: 1.75"; Quillon Width: 7.25"; Grip Length: 4"; Balance Point: 6.1"; Weight: 3.1 lbs 1383 gr

SOLD $1200.00 + $44 shipping and handling

11th Century Sword

This late 11th Century sword has a brazil nut pommel and straight guard of steel. The blade has a long well defined fuller. The grip is brown leather over a hard wood grip.

This sword feels solid and agile in the hand. It would be an excellent choice for anyone looking for a sword from the last quarter of the 11th through the first half of the 12th century.

Overall length: 39.37"; Blade Length: 33.37"; Blade Width: 1.75"; Quillon Width: 9"; Grip Length: 4"; Pommel Width: 3.25"; Center of Gravity: 5.37"; Weight: 2.6 lbs / 1183 gr

SOLD $850.00 + $44 shipping and handling

Medieval Sword

A 14th C. style Medieval sword with a type G pommel enhanced with filed detail. The black grip has a simple riser under the stitched leather. The sword has a bit of tip presence and delivers a comfortable solid strike when swung.

The guard has a flaring octagonal cross section and has a slight forward cant to the arms. The result gives this steel hilt a very nice form.

Overall length: 36.87"; Blade Length: 30"; Blade Width: 1.7"; Quillon Width: 7.8"; Grip Length: 4.4"; Center of Gravity: 4"; Weight: 2.55lbs / 1154gr

SOLD $660.00 + $44 shipping and handling

Check back as there will be some additions to this page in the near future. Call us at 800-745-7345 to order.