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Dec 28th, 2014

Thank you to all who participated
in our Holiday Specials

Happy Holidays!

We hope your holidays are filled with good things! We will have more new items and interesting things in the New Year. So stay tuned! If you are interested in anything we are happy to answer any questons just drop us an email or give us a call at 800-745-7345 and we will get the elves right on it!

A&A Black Friday ♦ Keep it Local Sat ♦ left out Sunday ♦ Cyber Monday Specials

Be one of the few to sport this elegant fashion statement with your limited edition T-shirt from Arms & Armor. Join the super cool employees of A&A being the only ones wearing this exclusive icon of style. Available only to those few important folk who purchase something on Black Friday, Keep it Local Saturday, left out Sunday and Cyber Monday! Free with a purchase of 150.00 or more starting at 8 am central time on Black Friday (we don't do that midnight thing) the sale will end 5 pm central time on Monday. These are hand made by artists in our building, the very awesome Burlesque North America using a high quality shirt and will be the only time we do this design.

On Keep it Local Saturday the 29th we invite you to visit the shop between 10 and 2 to handle our in-stock items, see the shop and check out some in-shop specials we will have.

Keep watch for items on our muster page and new additions to our product line. We will also have some features and special prices in the days following for those looking for the best Christmas gift ever!

Having trouble finding just the right gift for the warrior/barbarian in your life? A&A is here to help. With our special relationship with a North Pole based gift-giving source, we are happy to create gift certificates for you in any amount or special gift cards for items that may not be done prior to the holiday. Just drop us an email or give us a call at 800-745-7345 and we will get the elves right on it!

When appropriate we have been known to find a bit of sock sized coal as well!

Happy Holidays to all!

Oct 5th, 2014

A&A News & Sale!

The cries of action have died away, the hordes have left and all that remains is to rebuild the walls. Is this the end of a long siege? No!, just the aftermath of 16 weeks of the Renaissance Fairs. 34 days of manning the counter and battling the wireless charge machine have come to a close. Exhausting, draining and resulting in an excess of weapons that we do not want to rust in the armoury. Our efforts this year created a nice variety for our patrons and we had a good year. So we have decided to share the bounty a bit with an After the Siege Sale on all in Stock items. This includes all items listed on our In Stock Page and Muster Page.

After the Siege Sale 15% off all in stock items from 9am central time, Oct 6th to 5 pm central time, Fri Oct 10th

If you have any questions or cannot wait to order you can call us at 800-745-7345 and we will be happy to help in anyway we can. You can also email us at

September 9th, 2014

A&A News

We have had a busy late summer at A&A. Making items and selling at a few shows. You can currently visit us at the Minnesota Ren Fair through the end of Sept on the weekends.

We have also updated our In Stock list so check out which item you have to have and we can ship it to you right away!

We are at the Bristol Faire! Come by for a Visit.

Bristol Faire is upon us, we are a bit late in getting out the invite but if you are planning a visit be sure to check out the shop. The show just west of Kenosha WI on the WI/IL border, we have a large selection of items on display. The Bristol Renaissance Faire is always a good time and runs through Labor Day.

Our excellent staff are always happy to show you any items that catch your eye and answer your questions about our swords, rapiers, daggers, weapons ... well you get the idea. Nothing brings a summer smile to your face like going home from the fair with an Arms & Armor sword in your car!

July 7th, 2014

A&A News in July

One of a kind Two Handed Sword

This exceptional
Two Handed Sword is a over five feet in length. It is one of our craftsmen projects done by an individual artisan in our shop. This elegant sword is mounted with copper coins in the pommel depicting the seal of the Knights Templar.

Folks today often overlook the elegance of these large swords in action. This is not helped by the often-crude whirling helicopter depictions seen in film or TV. In fact the minimal approach is needed to create the serious advantage these style of swords can afford the combatant. Check out this source to learn more about two-handed sword use. Memorial of the Practice of the Montante .

We are at the Bristol Faire! Come by for a Visit.

Bristol Faire is upon us, we are a bit late in getting out the invite but if you are planning a visit be sure to check out the shop. The show just west of Kenosha WI on the WI/IL border, we have a large selection of items on display. The Bristol Renaissance Faire is always a good time and runs through Labor Day.

Our excellent staff are always happy to show you any items that catch your eye and answer your questions about our swords, rapiers, daggers, weapons ... well you get the idea. Nothing brings a summer smile to your face like going home from the fair with an Arms & Armor sword in your car!

You can also see some in shop pics and videos from some visitors and folks we did some work for on weapons from PC games at these links. Hope you find it of interest!

Chad Visits the shop! On Myarmoury.

Final Fantasy Gae Bolg on Arcade Arms..

Legend of Zelda Bow on Arcade Arms, while not mentioned we did the arrow heads and some of the metal work on the bow..

Just drop us an email or call us at 800-745-7345 to order. We would also be happy to answer any questions you may have as well.

April 6th, 2014

April News

New Item! #242 Norseman Spear

#242 Norseman Spear is our new item. The long tapering blade of this 10th Century Type M spear leaves no doubt why such Norse kennings as flying dragon of wounds, moving thorn of Valkyrie and corpse-serpent where devised. This stout fighting spear comes mounted on an ash haft.

While our reproduction is done to a piece in the 10th Century this spear style saw use throughout the medieval and renaissance periods. It would be appropriate for many times and places.

If your first voyage of the new year has proved fruitful why not invest in a new spear!

Just drop us an email or call us at 800-745-7345 to order. We would also be happy to answer any questions you may have as well.

March 11th, 2014

March News

March Highlight Special! Our Morgan Bible Dagger

Our highlight special for March is the Morgan Bible Dagger. A great 13th Century style dagger crafted of steel and gripped in wood covered with leather. Based on the great illustrations from Medieval France this is an excellent choice to hang from any belt from the mid 1200's #240 Morgan Bible Dagger.

Our time of the deep freeze seems to be over, but it has transitioned to a battle against the snowmelt as it floods the shop. We try not to let it slow us down and have a new longsword on the muster page for anyone looking to start spring with a new sword in hand. Check it out here on the Muster Page.

Just drop us an email or call us at 800-745-7345 to order. We would also be happy to answer any questions you may have as well.

January 22nd, 2014

2014 Underway at A&A!

Happy New Year to all our friends from A&A!

2014 finds us huddled around the forge, working hard. The cold and wind here in Minnesota have been impressive of late and we decided we should warm things up with some of the swords available on our Muster Page. While we all know winter arrives each year, this one has been of particular intensity. They even cancelled school a few days due to the temp! It may make us sound like the proverbial old guys (there is a rumor going around we may be just that) but I know that did not happen when we where waiting for the school bus out on the tundra, with wolves circling.

In addition to our muster swords we have a Highlight Special through the end of the month on our #003 Spiked Mace. Just the thing to adorn the wall by the door when you hear that strange scratching late at night when the blizzard winds blow. Just drop us an email or call us at 800-745-7345 to order. We would also be happy to answer any questions you may have as well.

Stay warm and keep those you love close we all knew it was coming but just remember nothing warms your core like a new sword!

December 26th, 2013

A reminder that our 10% off on Muster Page items is valid through Jan 3rd!

Merry Messer News!

A&A Wishes you a Merry Messer Christmas

Our best wishes to you for the holidays! We have a Merry Messer Special for Christmas this year. Check out these great knives and see if there is something that needs to be under your tree or in your stocking this season. Our shop has a few more that are nearing completion as well so check back often.

In addition we will have 10% off our items listed below till Dec 23rd. These are some of our most popular pieces. Many are in stock, if not, we are able to provide gift cards for items or gift certificates for you to give as well. Just email or call us at 800-745-7345.

Wallace Ballock Set
Gustav Parrying Dagger
Milanese Parrying Dagger
German Parrying Dagger
1580 Parrying Dagger
Saxon Parrying Dagger
Katzbalger Dagger
Musketeer Dagger
Writhen Parrying Dagger
Elector of Saxony Dagger
Crusader Dagger
Medieval Knife
Tudor Dagger
Medici Dagger
Rondel Dagger
Knightly Dagger
Chevalier Dagger
Alpine Dagger
Morgan Bible Dagger
Köln Messer

Another great gift for under the tree is a copy of Sword in Hand by Ewart Oakeshott. This book tells the story of the medieval sword in an entertaining and fact filled style from a great historian. It is very accessible to all readers and is filled with large format pictures of swords and art by the author.

We are able to provide gift certificates in a variety of amounts for you to give to the person who is tough to buy for. We are also very experienced is helping the customer who is purchasing for a gift for someone who knows a lot about swords. Just give us a call 800-745-7345 or email and we can help.

Last, but not least keep an eye on our muster page over the next few days as we will have some one of swords available at great prices ready to ship right away!

Have a great holiday season and thank you all for being such great customers!

November 26th, 2013

November News

Black Prince Friday Nov 29th

Black Prince Friday is here! On Nov 29th all orders will receive a premium based on value. If you spend 150.00 to 350.00 you will get a free #214 Javelin or #227 Greek Javelin with your order. If you spend from 350.00 to 1000.00 you receive a Javelin and a copy of Sword in Hand by Ewart Oakeshott with your order. If you order more than 1000.00 dollars in value you can choose one of the previous items offered as well as a #213 Nordland Axe.

Sword Saturday Event November 30th, 2013

Sword Saturday Just a reminder to all this Saturday we will be hosting our customers from 10:30 to 3:00 with deals and demos. Check out some great swords both old and new and see the shop. We will have some activities for the younger folks so bring the whole family. There will also be other artists and crafts to check out in our building and neighborhood!

New Items on Muster Page

We are starting off November with some new swords on our muster page. Check out these 14th C longswords and some modified Fechterspiel training swords. November is shaping up to be a busy month so stay tuned for info on some deals later in the month and we invite all our local customers to stop by the shop on November 30th for Sword Saturday! There will be special deals, food, activities for old and young, demonstrations and info. Watch here for more details soon.

We also have a Highlight item for the next couple of weeks ending on Nov 27th. You can get our Köln Messer for just $295.00 plus shipping. You can add a scabbard for only $15.00 during this special.

October News

Oct 25th St Crispin's Day the Battle of Agincourt

A special for Oct 25th! 15% off the following items from A&A! The Battle of Agincourt is an iconic moment in the course of the Hundred Years' War . A great way to honor that famous battle on St Crispins Day in 1415.

#075 Henry V Sword
#188 French Medieval Sword
#003 Spiked Flail
#004 Spiked Mace
#005 War Hammer
#030 English Bill
#217 Burgundian Poleaxe

Prices good till 5pm Central Time Oct 25th, 2013.

New Items on Muster Page

Battle of Hastings Sale!

In honor of the Battle of Hastings, Oct 14th 1066, we are offering a variety of items at ~10% off! These weapons are patterned after originals from that time and some may well have been used in this famous turning point in the history of the English-speaking world. The battle cemented William the Conqueror's invasion of England.



Shifford Sword


1- #214 Javelin Sale Price $48.00
2- Throwing Spear Sale Price $110.00
3- #146 12th Century Spear Sale Price $162.00
4- #014 Viking Spear Sale Price $189.00
5- #024 Danish War Axe Sale Price $ 288.00
6- #8004 Type L Fighting Axe Sale Price $257.00
7- #213 Nordland Axe Sale Price $65.00
#236 Anglo-Saxon Sword Sale Price $765.00
#145 St. Maurice Sword Sale Price $886.00
8- #049 Shifford Viking Sword Sale Price $765.00
9- Small Sax w/ scabbard, only one available OL: 11.6"; BL: 7.6" Sale Price $205.00
10- Large Sax w/ scabbard, only one available OL: 22" Bl: 17.5 Sale Price $700.00

We have all of these items ~10% off from now till 5pm Central time on Tuesday Oct 15th. Many are in stock and can be shipped immediately, all others can be ordered at the sale price till that time. You can email us at or call our order line at 800-745-7345. We will be happy to help you or answer any questions you may have.

More info on the Battle of Hastings

Wiki has a good overview of the battle here Battle of Hastings

Play the battle on the BBC webpage Battle of Hastings Game or one of our favorites the 1066 Game on the Channel 4 webpage

More about the Battle can be learned here at the British Battles website Norman Conquest or Norman Invasion.

Last of all, even a battle as famous and central to our history still has some controversy surrounding it, check out this story by itv Where was the Battle of Hastings fought?

July 3rd, 2013

July News

Seax on the Muster Page

Our muster page now has several Seax with scabbards available. They have a varety of sizes and grip materials including walnut and antler. Any of the group still available by the weekend will be available to view at the Bristol Renaissance Fair starting this Saturday July 6th.

Visit us at the Faire!

Bristol Faire is upon us! If you are near the show just west of Kenosha WI on the WI/IL border, stop by the booth and see some of our items. The Bristol Renaissance Faire is always a good time and our booth has a variety of items to handle and experience. Nothing brings a summer smile to your face like going home from the fair with an Arms & Armor sword in your car!

Our excellent staff are always happy to show you any items that catch your eye and answer your questions about our swords, rapiers, daggers, weapons ... well you get the idea!

June 11th, 2013

June News

New Items & New Prices!

Two new items we are adding to our line, for dagger fans. A great 13th Century dagger the #240 Morgan Bible Dagger and the 14th Century #241 Köln Messer. Both excellent examples of their type and interesting for those looking for authentic fighting knives of the middle ages.

Also do not miss some very attractive swords added to our muster page. One of each is available. A nice Custom gripped French Medieval Sword, a Gothic Knightly Sword and a classy Smallsword with diamond sectioned blade.

June is here and hammers are swinging at A&A! We have been working on several new items for our customers and you will see them roll out over the next few days. We are starting with our #239 Meyer Training Rapier. Many of our customers who practice period sword use had requested a training sword to match the version illustrated in Meyer's great work on fencing. Simple in form and mounted on one of our training blades this will make an excellent sword for those training in this style of swordplay.

Keep watch for additional new items as they appear over the next day to few days as we finalize some of the bits and make sure all is ready.

Also our new prices are now in effect. They are listed on the item pages. It has been over 5 years since our last increase in prices. There have been many changes in costs over that time. We strive to price our items fairly for our customers and have made many improvements to reduce the effect of increases in cost. Suppliers have changed, material costs have increased, surcharges applied, all adding up until it became necessary to adjust.

We hope our continued efforts to make great things for great people makes every purchase from A&A satisfying.

May 31st, 2013

May News

New Prices

A note to our customers, our long anticipated price increase will go into affect on Monday, June 3rd. We have gone to great lengths to maintain our prices, the last increase being over 5 years ago, but it has now become necessary to do so. There will also be some adjustments and changes to our website and some new things to look at and purchase. Thanks to all who have supported us with your patronage and friendship.

April 15th, 2013

April News

Muster Page Spring Break Sale!

We decided to add some incentive to spring. While the weather is not cooperating we figured 15% off everything on the muster page would help warm some folks. It also of course gives one a good spot to invest their tax return.

This includes our newest edition, a lovely left handed saber based on a 17th Century original.

These discounts are good through noon Friday the 19th. Hope your spring is nicer than the one we have been experiencing in Minnesota.

Feb 14th, 2013

February News

New Items on the Muster Page

Update on the 21st- Some additional knives added!

Our February Muster Page has some unique and interesting items. There are several large knives or Bauernwehr, a small knife with a bone handle, a custom side sword and an all steel version of our Medicic Falchion with blued and buffed detail.

Happy Valentines Day to all from A&A!

Nov 27th, 2012

November News

New Item #238 Grunwald Sword

Our new Type XIIIb #238 Grunwald Sword is now available for purchase. We have some of these in stock so they can be shipped right away. So if you need a bit of 14th century charm under the tree we can have it to you in time. Our sword takes its name from the Battle of Grunwald. Fought in 1410, this large battle between the forces of the Teutonic Knights and an alliance of Poland, Lithuania and eastern allies is an important moment in the history of this region.

Holiday Shopping at A&A

Deals on Shopping days and a chance to win our new sword!

We will have our Black Prince Friday, Nov 23rd, with 10% off any non custom order on that day and 15% off if you order a #034 Black Prince Sword!

On Keep It Local Saturday, Nov 24th, we invite you to visit the shop any time between 10am to 2pm. There will be some treats and refreshments. We will also be working on some projects so you can see how your items are crafted in our shop. Any orders placed during your visit allow you to choose your discount for the helmet of chance! Discounts will vary from 10 to 40% off.

Our Cyber Monday, Nov 26th, deal is a free copy of Sword in Hand by Ewart Oakeshott with any order over 250.00 in value placed on the 26th.

Plus a Free Sword Drawing-
Last but hardly least is the chance to win our new sword! Any order from today, Nov. 16th to 5 pm on Monday the 26th of November, will have a chance to win the first production model of our new #238 Grunwald Sword. A very elegant Type XIIIb from the later half of the 14th Century. We chose to name the blade after the Battle of Grunwald in 1410, a place and time where this sword may well have been part of the action.

New Items on the Muster Page

Several new items now available on the Muster Page for your inspection. These are one of a kind pieces.

Its been way too long since our last update. Our shop has been very busy catching up on orders and doing a lot of custom work. We also have some new items on the way and plans for more in the coming months. The highlight item will return soon as well!

Our current prices have not changed for several years. Our commitment to quality has finally started to conflict with cost increases at every level. While we refuse to adjust our quality it has come time where we are forced to increase our prices to maintain our commitment to the best products for our customers. We will continue to focus on quality and improving the experience of our customers in any way we can, but we also want to make sure we can continue serving you into the future. Prices will increase some time in late November or early December.

May 28th, 2012

June News

A&A New Limited Edition Pole Hammer

Do you wish you had a new pole weapon in your arsenal? Well, as the summer tourney season begins your chance to enhance is here. A&A has a new pole hammer with rondel for those knights headed to the list. This limited edition Pole Hammer is ready to ship. A steel head and sturdy langets with a 16 gauge rondel for hand protection are all mounted to a strong ash haft.

The new exhibit at the Wallace Collection features some work from A&A in its Making the Renaissance Sword exhibit. Part of the excellent Noble Art of the Sword program which is open through mid September.

You can download a free ebook on the exhibit here Queen of Weapons iBook

We also want to say hi to friends we saw at the 2012 International Medieval Conference. Some pictures of our presentations can be seen here. We always have a good time in Kalamzoo talking history and hope to see you there in 2013!

April 15th, 2012

April News

A&A Highlight Item for April

The April Highlight is our #129 English Buckler. This type of hand shield was used over an extended period of time in the middle ages. The recurved edge of our English Buckler gives the user a forward surface that can trap thrusts while giving a glancing surface to cuts received on the oblique. Whether medieval man at arms or Montague or Capulet this bit of kit is just what you need.

The Highlight price is $92.00 plus $20.00 shipping and handling.

March 4th, 2012

March News

A&A Highlight Item for March

The March Highlight item from Arms & Armor is our #005 War Hammer. This 15th century hammer is very impressive in the hand and is one of our most popular hand weapons. A great example of the type, this piece has a solid hammerhead with large back and top spike. The hammer face has a shorter spike in its center and a scalloped detail around its outer edge.

The Highlight price is $280.00 plus $32.00 shipping and handling.

See a review of this item at's Hands-on Review Opens in a new window

Februrary 8th, 2012

Februrary News

A&A Highlight Item is back!

February Highlight item from Arms & Armor is the #146 12th Century Spear. This Iberian fighting spear is mounted on an ash haft and is a fearsome weapon. This type of spear was a dangerous adversary in the cut and thrust play of hand to hand combat.

Highlight price is $150.00 with the normal $38 shipping and handling

While not Cupid's arrow, this would make a very impressive Valentine gift for that warrior how has won your heart!

Watch an episode of Minnesota Originals online from TPT public television featuring Arms & Armor! Our segement starts at minute 13. Watch some of our work in progress and see why we love history.

Muster Additions

When you look for a distinctive piece to be a focal point one can hardly do better than this exceptional sword. When one holds this Great Sword in your hand it truly brings the world of the large sword into your experience. At nearly five and a half feet in length and a grip of over a foot in length the power and majesty of this weapon is impressive. Its aged finish strikes a distinctive look and realy appeals to those that love the swords of the past as they have survived to us today. This one of a kind sword is a real prize for any collector or someone looking to make a tremendously bold statement with their display!

December 12th, 2011

Limited Edtion Schweizerdegen

A Limited Edition Schweizerdegen the sword of the Swiss Pikeman.

Happy Holidays to everyone. We hope this finds you and yours well and happy.

Today we are introducing a new limited edition piece. The #8003 Schweizerdegen, a 15th century soldiers sword that was popular with all classes and saw service over multiple centuries. Our example is hilted in walnut and has hand made steel fittings. It handles beautifully and is a sword that would be quite handy in close quarters combat.

This is a piece we have planned for quite awhile but have just been so busy it has been a challenge to bring it forth, but now it is here! We hope that it meets the needs of some of those who love a handy sword on their belt.

November 8th, 2011

New Messer Trainer

A&A introduces a new steel Messer trainer!

November already! Oh my gosh this year has flown by. A&A has been very busy and we have been working hard to accomplish our goals. One of which is the introduction of our new #237 Messer Trainer! This steel training weapon is hand made in our shop. Based on original examples, the design for our trainer was modified to create a safe, very durable western martial arts tool.

We worked with instructors of messer combat to test this design and their feedback and critiques where used to make this the best trainer possible.

We hope that if you are looking for a training messer this is the answer you have been looking for.

Another bit of news is the return of the #129 English Buckler! These popular hand shields are back in our lineup and ready to be made for you.

Here is a link to an interview with the owner of Arms & Armor, Christopher Poor. Produced by a local freelance journalist who interviews interesting local people and businesses.

Arms & Armor from Minnesota Niche on Vimeo.

11/10/11- A new addition on our muster page!

Left handed Messer Trainer Watch here for more info soon, we have new things coming up and will add them as soon as we can!


A link to some pictures of our shop taken by a local public TV show called Minnesota Originals, in preparation for a story they are doing about Arms & Armor and what we do. This is a great show that highlights the arts created by local people and groups.

Arms & Armor from Minnesota Originals

July 6th, 2011

Bristol Renaissance Faire

Come Visit us at the Faire!

Summer is here and the time to head to the Faire is upon us! We will have a variety of items at the Bristol Renaissance Faire booth for any who would like to visit us and handle some of our unique products and experience the happiness that an Arms & Armor sword can bring to your day!

Our excellent sales staff will be happy to show you any items that catch your fancy and answer your questions about our superb swords, wonderful weapons and other interesting items.

The first weekend this year will have a few one of a kind swords on the wall as well. These interesting pieces, just for our Bristol Faire customers, are some prototype and custom items we have had in the works.

Here are a couple of articles describing the Faire for any with an interest, See you there!

Time stands still at Bristol Renaissance Faire

Ye olde geeks: 6 reasons why the Bristol Renaissance Faire is better than Summerfest

March 29th, 2011

Battle of Towton Special

#144 German Flail

On this date, March 29th in 1461 the Battle of Towton occurred in the War of the Roses. In honor of this event we thought we would offer a great price on an impact weapon. Our German Flail is available for a few days at this special price of 298.00. This epic battle was a crucial engagement of this Medieval civil war and has been depicted in Shakespear's plays, modern movies and historical fiction. More info can be found about the battle field today and the very interesting archeology of the mass graves of those who did not survive the battle.

March 14th, 2011

March Highlight Item

#236 Anglo-Saxon Sword

Just the thing for those in need of a sword for spring, our Anglo-Saxon Sword. While the snow may still make it rough going on foot and our ships are still froze in, the thaw is near and one needs to be ready for the adventures of a new season. Whether you are patrolling the border or taking to the seas, this sword will make an excellent addition to your armoury.

This is a limited time highlight special.

We have a new item on the muster page as well. This is a nice longsword with a great action. It is very much the sword of a soldier and one that will make some young man-at-arms a very proud owner.

February 18th, 2011

New Limited Edtion Item

A new limited edition item from Arms & Armor. We have had a lot of requests for axes of this style so we decided to produce them for a time as ready to go limited editions.#8002 Fighting Axe Type L.

The fighting axes of the Nordic cultures where impressive weapons for their speed and agility. Created with a hardwood haft and forged head the warriors of the Viking era would have been fearsome opponents with such a weapon in hand.

January 24th, 2011

January Highlight Special

A Highlight Special for the New Year. Order either of our Javelins at the special price of 43.00 each or purchase three for a price of 126.00, shipping not included. Mixing and matching encouraged. So if you have been pondering the #214 Javelin or #227 Greek Javelin you can pick up some javelin fun on a special deal.

These are great pieces for all sorts of periods and they provide some real fun if you get some of the crew around for a target contest. You can check out some great suggestions for a variety of games here Javelin Games by Puck Curtis you also can add your own Amentum or lanyard to your Javelin with easy directions here. Please always remember safety first.

December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hope your 2011 will be great! We have a bit of fun for you if you plan to see Season of the Witch with Nicholas Cage on January 7th.

Keep an eye out for any small knives in the film, they may be from A&A Inc.
December 24, 2010

New Sword from A&A! #236 Anglo-Saxon Sword

A new sword from A&A to get things started on a great 2011. This light and agile Viking era sword is very nice in the hand. The warriors of Wessex or a marauding Dane would all have been happy with such a sword in their scabbard.

Check it out here

Click picture for more info.

So if that Christmas money is burning a hole in your coin bag, give us a call or drop an E-mail and we will have a great sword inspired from the past on its way to you.

There are still some of the Small Knives left if your funds do not support a new sword. It is never to late to add a nice addition to your kit. All hand made from 1050 steel and hardwood with a touch of bronze here and there.

December 24, 2010

Seasons Greetings from Arms & Armor!
Last Chance deal for Dec 24th!

Have you left that last gift too late, sitting in your pajamas and do not want to leave your house? We are here to help! Today only we have ten percent off on gift certificates for $50.00 or more! You can give us a call 800-745-7345 or drop an email and we can send the certificate back by email, you print it out and your shopping is done!.

Deal good Dec 24th till mid afternoon. Call 800-745-7345
E-mail to

Happy Holidays to all of our friends and customers. We hope this finds you well and in good spirits. This year part of our Christmas Special will be a great daily deal on a different item, for several days running. These will be announced each day on the Christmas Page

Christmas Highlight Special

Click picture for more info.

We want to express our thanks for all the great customers that have purchased a bit of history from Arms and Armor this year. You are truly an exceptional group of people and the reason we exsist! May your holiday be grand and full of joy and happiness.

Christmas Knives are back! Check out these great gifts and fun additions to your kit. All hand made from 1050 steel and hardwood with a touch of bronze here and there.

A great deal for that perfect gift!

As an additional benefit for the season we will have a Christmas deal on the excellent book #959 Sword in Hand by Ewart Oakeshott. In the personable style he was known for, Mr. Oakeshott recounts the story of the Medieval sword. This volume is full of high quality images and deep insight into the history of the sword and the cultures of medieval Europe.

Please have a safe and joyous holiday for you and yours. We look forward to hearing from all of you in the future. We hope you continue to find something that brings history alive for you; something that you feel is made just for you. That is our goal at Arms & Armor: to craft something you can get nowhere else and that you can be proud to have for as long as you aspire to own a piece of history.

Best of the season from Arms & Armor.

Clue: look for the holly leaves.

November 24th, 2010

Black Prince Friday

Black Friday is part of our culture for better or worse. We like to look back to history more than new trends. When we thought about some deals for our great customers the day after Thanksgiving, it seemed only natural to have the A&A Black Prince Friday Sale. The namesake Black Prince Sword is at a very special 15% off on November 26th only. We have two in stock so don't wait too long. But That's not all! In fact there is 10% off everything in stock that day from 9am to 4:30 pm central time. Give us a call at 800-745-7345 or email at and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

You can see a list of in stock items Here.

Not to stop there, we will apply the 10% off to items on the Muster page as well!

We look forward to talking with you when you make your purchase and if you live nearby stop by the shop for some extra treats!

November 15th, 2010

November Highlight

#006 Horseman's Axe

Well, our first snow is on the ground and we are getting ready to shovel out the items for the upcoming holidays. Remember to tell all your friends that nothing says they appreciate you more than a piece of holiday cheer from Arms & Armor. We always enjoy helping friends and family find the right object for their A&A fan. So have them give us a call 800-745-7345 and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

To start it all off, here is our November Highlight Special! It is a great deal on our Knightly Horseman's Axe, a classic hand weapon of the mounted knight of the high middle ages. Whether in battle or tournament this axe was incredibly effective against an armored opponent, mounted or on foot.

Custom Items from A&A

Check some new additions to our Custom Items Page over the next few days.

New Muster Items

Also check some new items on the Muster page!.

October 31st, 2010

October Highlight

Announcing a great new way to add unique items to your collection.

We will often have ideas for new pieces or have the option to turn certain custom pieces into a small production run. This seemed like an exciting way to enhance what we can offer to our great customers. We will be creating these Limited edtion pieces from Arms & Armor from time to time and hope they are a new option to find the right piece for your collection.

This will be something we hope to do on a semiregular basis and have some fun items in the plans, so check back to see new things.

September 20th, 2010

September Dagger Highlight

Special Dagger Price!

Our newest Highlight Special is a great price on several of our Daggers. The pieces listed bellow will all be at the highlight price of 159.00 plus shipping. These daggers cover a wide time period and have a variety of styles. We hope they allow a lot of people to add to their kit and collections.

#130 Crusader Dagger
#062 Medici Dagger
#063 Tudor Dagger
#216 Aunlaz
#225 Knightly Dagger
#226 Chevalier Dagger

You can see all our daggers on the A&A Dagger Page.

With fall upon us, we are gearing up for some new and interesting things, so check back often. Have a good day!

September 2nd, 2010

Special Rapier on the Muster Page

The Last Elizabethan Rapier !

A special rapier is available on our Muster Page. as the last production of our Elizabethan Rapier is done. We have added a customized blade and have an opportunity for one lucky customer to have this great piece in their collection.

August 2nd, 2010

Free Round Targe Offer

Get a free targe with any purchase of a sword or rapier.

This months highlight deal is a bit different. We have our #045 Round Targe back in stock and thought we would celebrate by giving one away with each purchase of a sword or rapier. These sturdy shields are very popular for use in western martial arts practice and sparring. They are sixteen gauge steel spun to shape and mounted with a hard grip.

Fine print stuff-(Offer good on new orders)

July 13th, 2010

New Item from A&A

New Item #235 Alpine Dagger

A great new 15th Century dagger, based on an original from the region of modern day Northern Italy. This would be a great addition to your kit for soldiers of the late 1400's through the mid years of the 16th Century. You can see similar daggers at the belt of many such fighting men in the gothic art of the period.

June 29th, 2010

July Highlight Items

#232 Italian Pole Hammer and #217 Burgundian Poleaxe

The July highlight items are a special that we are quite excited about. We wanted to support our friends at Freelance Academy Press and the new release of their German Medieval Fighting Arts Vol 1 DVD and In Saint George's Name: An Anthology of Medieval German Fighting Arts by Christian Tobler.

This exciting addition to the western martial arts library is something that many have been looking for and an excellent excuse to purchase a new weapon for your armoury. We thought what better way to do that than a special price on our #232 Italian Pole Hammer and our #217 Burgundian Poleaxe.

The Arms & Armor Booths at Bristol Renaissance Fair and Minnesota Renaissance Fair.

Also as the Fair season gets underway be sure to stop by the booth at The Bristol Renaissance Fair outside of Kenosha, Wisconsin or The Minnesota Renaissance Fair near Chaska in Minnesota. Putting our weapons in your hand is the best way to appreciate the great value of Arms & Armor craftsmanship.

April 16th, 2010

April Highlight Item

Black Prince Sword

An April highlight item for anyone interested in the #034 Black Prince Sword. This is the prototypical Type XVa medieval sword. The combination of strong tapering point and fine edges make this sword an exceptional fighting sword. Such manuals as Fiore dei Liberi's Fior di Battaglia and Talhoffer's Fechtbuch illustrate this type of sword in the combat of the period.

This excellent sword is Highlight priced at $690.00 plus shipping.

There are some new items on the muster page as well this month. We are working on some additions to our offerings so watch for them appearing soon. As we begin to get ready for the summer season we look forward to making it a great time to get a new piece from Arms & Armor!

March 19th, 2010

March Highlight Items

Dagger, Scabbard and shipping for 170.00!

#062 Medici Dagger
#063 Tudor Dagger
#130 Crusader Dagger
#225 Knightly Dagger

We will be having a group Highlight this month. It will be a dagger, scabbard and shipping all included for 170.00 on any of our crosshilted daggers in stock. List above is currently in stock. These daggers are from a variety of styles and periods.

St. Patrick's Day Muster Items

Click on picture for details

Two Sgian (Medieval Irish Long Daggers)

A special muster for the holiday two Irish Sgian. Often depicted carried by the Irish Kerne or infantry man of the period, these large daggers are often seen in the depictions of Irish mercenaries and soldiers.

Have a great St. Patrick's Day from A&A Inc.

February 22nd, 2010

February Highlight Item

Click on picture for details

#213 Nordland Axe

The highlight item for February is the #213 Nordland Viking Axe. This style of axe was in active use over a long period of time from the late Roman period through to the Middle Ages. The stout axe head is mounted on a custom-made hickory haft.

This Nordic weapon is highlight priced at $57 (s/h 20.00).

Muster Page Update

Check out some one of the Seax on our Muster Page.

We have a couple of Seax on the muster page, as well. Let your inner Anglo-Saxon out and get a broken back Seax for the spring thaw. These two hand made pieces are nice examples of this style of large knife. Whether one is on the hunt or in battle these large knives will serve you well.

We will also be adding some items to the Custom Section over the next few days so check back and see what has kept us busy this winter.

Be well from A&A Inc.

November 30th, 2009

Mini update 12/9/09

Christmas Knives !!

Click on picture for details

Back by popular outcry! The Christmas knives from A&A, plus a leaf spear. Hope you find something for that special someone and have a great Holiday from A&A Inc.

December Highlight Item

December Highlight Item #014 Viking Spear

Happy Holidays to all from A&A. We hope your winter is going well and wanted to bring you our December Highlight Item the #014 Viking Spear. We hope this helps a bit for all those looking for a "stocking stuffer" for your favorite Viking.

New Items on Muster Page

Check out some new items on the Muster Page

October 26th, 2009

10% Off Special October 26th thru the 2nd of November

10% off any item in stock for the next 8 days. From today, October 26th thru November 2nd get a great deal on any item in stock from Arms & Armor. This is a great time to buy something special for a gift this holiday season or add a nice piece to your collection. Even better yet get something for a friend and yourself both, it makes the decision easier.

Whats in stock right now!

This discount applies to items on the Muster page as well!

As the economy continues to challenge us all, Arms & Armor is doing some reorganization to allow us to respond to these challenges. Part of these changes will be an increase in some prices. We anticipate these will go into affect in the last half of November.

October 12th, 2009

October News

A new item from Arms & Armor the #232 Italian Pole Hammer

A great new item from our workshop. This is a nicely detailed pole hammer based on an original in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This piece originated out of a custom piece we made for a good customer and we liked it so much we decided to add a version to our line of items. Check it out here #232 Italian Pole Hammer and let us know what you think.

Also look for more updates in the next few days. We have been busy of late and want to catch up on showing some new items and interesting custom pieces we have finished.

As promised even more new stuff from A&A.

#233 Montante Trainer

A training sword for the Iberian Montante or two-handed sword. This piece has been in development for quite some time as we worked closely with western martial artists who where working on the historical material and needed a solid sword for training that had the heft and strength to handle the historic system. This has turned out an exceptional sword. It feels light in the hand but has the strength to handle the exceptional forces a two handed sword generates.

And more new stuff from A&A!

#234 Spadone Trainer

The Italian Bolognese school of fence inspired this trainer for use in such systems as Marozzo. This piece was developed with Steve Reich and Tom Leoni martial artists and priciples in the Order of the Seven Hearts.  This exceptional sword moves very, very well and is a great trainer for the two handed sword.

August 13th, 2009

August News

Arms & Armor Booths at Bristol Renaissance Fair and Minnesota Renaissance Fair.

Well we seemed to have worked straight through July, so we find ourselves in August already. The summer seems to fly by doesn't it? The Renaissance Festivals have started and we want to invite everyone who is able to attend the Bristol show outside Kenosha WI and the Minnesota show to stop by the booth and visit with us and see our replicas first hand.

This weekend August, 22nd and 23rd, we will be having a special savings opportunity at the Bristol show. When you have decided what you would like to buy you will have a chance to get five, ten or fifteen percent off your purchase. So don't be shy and come on out to the fair and save.

We are working on plans for other savings opportunities at the fairs so watch the news for updates. We hope everyone is having a great summer and looking forward to seeing you at the show.

We have decide to continue the discounts this weekend at the Bristol Faire so stop by and save this weekend the 22nd and 23rd.

June 1st, 2009

June Highlight News

Our June Highlight Items are the #216 Aunlaz and #193 High Gothic Mace these popular items are in-stock and ready to ship at this special price.

#216 Aunlaz $155.00 Highlight Price + $18.00 Shipping
#193 High Gothic Mace $275.00 Highlight Price + $28.00 Shipping

Our Muster Page has special deals and unique one of items that are ready to ship right away. We update the page as soon as there are any changes so check back often for new pieces.

Don't forget that you can always check whats in stock ready to ship at any time on our In-stock Page. Have a great start to summer and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

May 14th, 2009

May Highlight Item

A&A would like to announce our newest item as the May Highlight Item the #219 Training Rapier. This sword is something we have been working on for quite some time and have put a great deal of research and testing into its development. We hope it is something that will enhance the practice of Western Martial Arts for our customers. There are several options available, including a specific #218 Side Sword Trainer so take a look at the page and let us know if you have any questions.

We also have some additions to our Muster Page this month. The first being a couple of knife and pick sets. The other items are a couple of Bec de Corbyns, slightly different from each other they are tests for a new item we are working on. Remember the muster pieces are all one of items.

Hope you are all having a great spring and a special Thank you to all of our supportive and loyal customers.

April 20th, 2009

April Highlight Item

Well it has been a very busy April for us and the news is running a bit late. We have two new items to announce. First is the #227 Greek Javelin. This is a slim little leaf shaped bladed throwing weapon and will compliment our #214 Javelin very well. This will also be our Highlight item for April with a special price if you order more than one. If you order two or more #227 Greek Javelins the price will be 45.00 each.

The second item is the #222 Jian Chinese sword. This has been in development for a while and we have been excited to bring this to our customers who where looking for a high quality Jian for practice and training.

We are also happy this April to bring back an item that has been on hiatus for a while. The #215 Silvered Smallsword has returned. The detail is the same but a heavier silver plate finish is applied by a new provider and we are quite pleased with the results.

There will be some more additions to the website soon so check back often as we catch up on some of our updating and as always best wishes from A&A.

March 11th, 2009

Highlight Special for March

15% off any item in stock from March 11th to 18th. Our March Highlight Special is a great opportunity to get a special price on any item in stock. As the challenge of the current economy affects everyone, we thought a chance to get a new item from A&A at a special price would be a nice thing for our customers and ourselves as well. This deal is good on any item in stock and ready to ship.

Whats in stock right now!

Its also good on the Muster items as well!!

February 3rd, 2009

Highlight Special for February

The#203 Fechterspiel Sword and #204 Fechterspiel Sword - Training Grade are the highlight items for this month. These great trainers are used by many of the top Western Martial Arts Schools and Teachers around the world. While there are many good training tools used today for the WMA the steel trainer can not be bettered for the action of the fight. The steel on steel contact affects the speed and smoothness of the interaction between blades like no other material and allows one to work the fight the same way they trained in ages past.

#203 Fechterspiel Sword Highlight Price $435

#204 Fechterspiel Sword - Training Grade Highlight Price $398

Updated Muster Page Feb 11, 2009

December 31, 2008

January News
Happy New Year from Arms & Armor!

Well as 2009 is about to burst upon us we thought we would wish everyone a Flailing New Year with a great price on either our classic Spiked Flail or our dashing German Flail. In fact if you would like to get both there is even a better deal.

Have a Flailing New Year !

Click images for more info.

#003 Spiked Flail Highlight Price $230
#144 German Flail Highlight Price $255

Purchase both flails for the great price of $470! plus shipping and handling.

We hope the New Year brings happiness and prosperity to all our friends and customers. So many of you have started as customers and become good friends over the years that we are always happy to hear from you. We look forward to talking with you soon and making you great things in 2009.

We also would like to feature a trio of custom swords at a special price on our muster page. These pieces where created with some blade shapes and hilt components that we had on hand and decided we would turn them into some one of a kind swords. These are all done in the style of historical originals but not based on just one historic sword. The details and handling all do mirror different examples from history.

December 4, 2008

Seasons Greetings from Arms & Armor!

Happy Holidays to all of our friends and customers. We hope this finds you well and in good spirits. This December we decided to do something out of the ordinary for a Christmas special. We have always admired the variety of items the medieval knife maker produced and the utility of their pieces. We took the many examples of these items that have been found along the Thames in London as inspiration to make a large group of small knives.

These knives are all based on originals from the 12th through the 15th Centuries. They represent the great diversity of utility and by-knives of the age. These were the common tool of all levels of society. As you can see some are simple wooden grips while others have bolsters and end caps. The finish varies a bit as well with one or two left with marks from forging to others finished to a high sheen. They all come sharp and would make a great addition to a reinactors kit or a bit of history on your desk to battle the bills with deft cuts and jabs.

A reminder as well that you can save time shopping for some of your gift needs by just adding some of our fun items to your order. This of course leaves more time to shop for a new sword! We have some great things for any age group.

#961 Medieval Alliance is a fun game that incorporates learning about history with a Knightly quest in service to your King. The excellent book #959 Sword in Hand tells the story of the Medieval sword in the personable style of the great Ewart Oakeshott. This volume is full of high quality images and deep insight into the history of the sword and the cultures of medieval Europe. Also don't pass up our entertaining high-quality puppets: the gallant #962 Knight and ferocious #963 Dragon. They make excellent companions and inspire imagination and fantasy. Don't forget to add them to your Christmas purchases to make your gift giving complete.

Please have a safe and joyous holiday for you and yours. We look forward to hearing from all of you in the future. We hope you continue to find something that brings history alive for you; something that you feel is made just for you. That is our goal at Arms & Armor: to craft something you can get nowhere else and that you can be proud to have for as long as you aspire to own a piece of history.

Best of the season from Arms & Armor.

November 12th, 2008

The November News from Arms & Armor.

The #082 Schloss Erbach Sword Upgrade

Well the snow is starting to fly a bit and its time for our Novemeber update. This month we are introducing an upgrade to one of our classic items. The #082 Schloss Erbach Sword has been in our line for quite a while and we have had a couple of versions of it over the years as we gained more information on the original. We decided it was time to take the step and replicate the original with a greater attention to details of the hilt left by the original swordsmith. The pommel and guard have been redone from scratch and the grip shape has been adjusted to mirror the original even more closely.

November Highlight Item Schloss Erbach Sword

As we have upgraded our Schloss Erbach sword we have decide to pass on a great savings to anyone interested in the earlier version. We have a few in stock and this would allow one to get an A&A longsword at a very good price.

Older style Schloss Erbach
There are a limited number of these swords at this price.
$545 + $38 shipping and handling

There are two others items of interest this month. The Fall Muster page will continue to be updated and added to through the next month or so. Watch for special deals and one of a kind pieces. This might be a great place to watch for Christmas presents for those who need a piece of the middle ages on your gift list.

Also watch for some additions to the Custom Section of the website over the next few weeks as we detail some of the finished items that have been done since we last updated that section.

October 20th, 2008

The Fall Muster Highlight Special from Arms & Armor.

Before the snow flies come to the Fall Muster, check out a variety of items at a special price. Over the year we accumulate some items that are not standard or have been left over after an order did not go through. Here we have them collected in one spot for those looking to replenish their gear after a long campaign season or add something unique to their collection.

So check out the Fall Muster page and we hope you find something you have to have.

Also check back soon as we will update the page frequently as the items are limited in number and we have some more things to add in the next few days.

New Items from the the talented hand of Samuel Haverkamp

We at A&A are very excited to add some unique pieces from the talented Samuel Haverkamp to our offerings. These incredible reproductions exceed the concept of reproduction creating incredibly detailed copies of these beautiful pieces. We rarely offer others makers work on our pages but we could not pass by the chance to work with Sam and bring things great pieces to you. Check them out in our Heritage section.

New Daggers from Arms and Armor

Here are two new medieval daggers from A&A. These are based on original pieces from the 15th C. Though the Knightly Dagger could be a century or two earlier in style. Check them out.

#225 Knightly Dagger

#226 Chevalier Dagger

June 2nd, 2008

The June Highlight Item: #206 Spada da Zogho - Training Grade

The Arms & Armor Highlight Item for June is the #206 Spada da Zogho - Training Grade practice weapon. One of our very popular training weapons for the Western Martial Arts, this sword is used in many schools and groups around the world today. The use of steel training weapons has increased dramatically over the last few years and many martial artists view it as essential to fully understanding the systems they are training and researching.

The Highlight price is $335.00 plus the standard $32.00 shipping and handling.

The only other item this month is the announcement that we will have a price increase starting in July. We have made every effort to improve efficiencies and limit costs but it has come time to respond to the increases we have experienced since we last raised prices over two years ago. To soften the blow of this news we decided to give everyone a last opportunity to spend your incentive check and get a special deal. Thus a 5% off Sale on all orders placed between June 2nd and June 13th. This applies to all items except the Highlight Item above. We hope any one saving for a purchase is helped by this special price and look forward to making you a great piece from Arms & Armor.

May 1st, 2008

May Highlight Item: #146 12th C. Spear

Our May Highlight item is the #146 12th Century Spear. This fighting spear of the Dark and Middle ages is based on a 12th Century Iberian example. The sharply tapering head is approximately 11" long. This winged style of spear was effective as a cut and thrust weapon in hand-to-hand combat. The wings protruding below the head provided more area to counter and control an opponent's weapon than a standard spear.

The Carolingian era saw this weapon rise to prominence as troops where armed with this type of spear as their main offensive weapon. Its effectiveness continued to be recognized overtime as it would not have been out of place in the Norman conquest of Briton or the spears illustrated in the art of the Renaissance.

Note 5/15: The spears we had on hand for this highlight item have all been sold. This special turned out to be more popular than anticipated. We are not able to ship any further orders right away but we will happily take orders for this item at this price until the Highlight Item changes.

The Highlight price is $125.00 plus the standard $36.00 shipping and handling.

We also have a bit of fun for May with an offer that will tempt as the month goes on!

14th C. "Grete Swerde" of War

A one of a kind sword designed along the lines of a mid 14th C. "Grete Swerde". This sword started out as we explored some of the dynamics exhibited by the longswords of the early Liechtenauer combat tradition. This piece was made as a test bed for some experiments in weight and balance. The sword has been adjusted several times to see how the alteration of elements affected the performance. The last alterations we felt could not be much improved upon and decided to finish the sword. The hilt is done with a straight guard and wheel pommel with incised lines running around the circumference.

As this piece did not sell in the Spring Muster we decided to do a reverse auction and see how long it will last. Each day the sword will decrease in price until it is purchased.

Overall Length: 46.5"; Blade Length: 36"; Grip Length: 8" Weight: 3.3 Lbs; Balance Point: 3 5/8" in front of guard One available.

SOLD -- Starting Price $560.00 -Shipping and handling $32.00

Thank you to all who expressed interest in this piece. We will strive to add other opportunities like this as so many of you expressed interest and approval of the idea.
Keep well

There are a few items still left in the muster pile so we thought we would leave the page up a bit longer, if anything appeals to you just let us know. Spring Muster

You might think that is it but there is still more to come so stay tuned ...

May brings a new item from Arms and Armor, the #217 Burgundian Poleaxe. The first prototype batch of three are finished and ready for sale. This classic poleaxe is a fighting man's weapon being unadorned with decoration but elegant in shape and feel. The stout blade and fearsome back spike would cause any Knight in the list to take note. The steel head with langets is mounted on a hardwood haft.

March 28th, 2008

The April Muster Highlight Special from Arms & Armor.

In spring a young soldiers eye turns to his kit and the spring muster. What better way to help them out than a variety of items at a special price. Over the year we accumulate some items that are not standard or have been left over after an order did not go through. Here we have them collected in one spot for those looking to spruce up their gear or add something unique to their collection.

So check out the Spring Muster page and we hope you find something you have to have.

February 21st, 2008

Highlight Item: #045 Round Targe

We have the Highlight Item of the #045 Round Targe our most popular of our bucklers for the Western Martial Arts practioners and those doing reenactment. This targe can be used for several different styles of combat and covers a broad range of time periods making it an excellent choice for an all around off-hand shield.

Highlight Price $56 + $20 shipping and handling

We would also like to announce a new dagger the

Aunlaz is a term used for a short dagger carried by English Infantry in the 14th Century. This dagger is based on one attributed by the Royal Armouries to the 14th C and possibly English so it seemed very appropriate. This dagger style is depicted in art and example from the early medieval period right through to the 16th C. this is a classic weapon of the medieval soldier.

We also wanted to thank all you visited with us at 4W, it was a great event, we made some new friends and saw some old friends we had not seen in to long a time. It also confirmed that many in the WMA community are some of the best people around and any time one gets a chance to participate in these events they should take the opportunity. Great to see you all at the event.

January 7th, 2008

Happy New Year!

Highlight Item: #213 Nordland Axe

The highlight item for the start of 2008 is our #213 Nordland Viking Axe. This style of axe was in active use over a long period of time from the late Roman period through to the Middle Ages. The stout axe head is mounted on a custom-made hickory shaft.

Highlight Price $56 + $20 shipping and handling

While 2007 was an exciting year for A&A, it feels good to be starting a new year with lots of opportunities. We have much in the works but our main commitment for the beginning of the year is to keep our accelerated production schedule intact and improve our delivery times. This will mean more items with less waiting for all our customers. As the year develops look for some new items to make an appearance and some old favorites to get make overs.

Have a great 2008 from A&A

December 9th, 2007

Happy Holidays to All!

Highlight Item: #048 1580 Parrying Dagger

December's Highlight Item is the #048 1580 Parrying Dagger. The hilt components of this dagger were molded directly from the original piece. The ribbed detail on the pommel and dished finals are classic design elements from the end of the 16th Century. A great compliment to swords and rapiers of the period this dagger has been one of our most popular parrying daggers for many years.

Highlight Price $198 + $16 shipping and handling

Best Wishes for the Holiday Season from A&A Inc.

November 1st, 2007

November Highlight Item: #063 Knightly Riding Sword

The Highlight Item is back! Thank you for your patience as we collected ourselves and adjusted to our new workloads. We hope this will be the only interruption in our dedication to bringing you opportunities to add to your collections with our Highlight Item Specials.

Arms & Armor's #036 Knightly Riding Sword is our special this month. This sword feels so good in your hand, it will often sell itself when someone picks it up. It has long been noted for its excellent handling ability and great cutting qualities. Based on a fine early 16th century original in the Wallace Collection in London our Knightly Riding Sword is a great example of the single handed medieval sword.

Several of our customers who practice cutting from horseback have recommended this sword for its excellence in this activity.

Overall length: 38"; Blade: 31.5" x 1.75"

Highlight price $480 + $28 shipping and handling

2007 has been a challenging and exciting year so far for Arms & Armor. You can see some of our items made the big screen and we contimue to work with museums and productions around the world.

Three of our creations are currently appearing in the movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Released in October 2007, the movie is set in Renaissance England and features Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth I and Clive Owen as Sir Walter Raleigh. The most Identifiable sword is our #163 German Rapier carried by Raleigh as his personal weapon.

The Art Institute of Chicago currently has two gauntlets from Arms & Armor in an interactive exhibit BIGsmall on display. This exhibit explores, in a hands on way, how scale changes our view of objects and can be used to create new perspective.

You can find out more and check out the links to many of these types of projects that Arms & Armor is involved in on our newly updated Exhibitions and Productions page of the website.

As a last note we would like to give a heads up that we will have an upcoming price increase in the near future. The date has not been set for this as yet but our material and service costs have continued to rise and while we strive to hold our in shop costs steady the cost to make and send our items has increased since our last price increase in 2005.

August 27th, 2007

The end of the summer is our busiest time of the year. Due to a heavy workload and a desire to not impede the backlog of orders, we have been unable to do the highlight item for a period of time. As soon as we are able to bring things back to a reasonable level we will have our highlight item up and running.

Best from A&A Inc.

May 5, 2007

May Highlight Item: Econo-grade Lochaber Axe

The May Highlight item from Arms & Armor is something a bit different. As the spring campaigns are gearing up we find ourselves with some over-runs in an econo-grade Lochaber Axe. This fighting weapon of the Scottish highlanders is the type of tool that would be used in agriculture as well as combat. The call to arms in the western highlands would have seen many of these in the ranks of the clansmen who gathered to fight.

This type of axe is first mentioned in 1501 and is referenced as an "old Scottish batale ax of Lochaber fasoun" (The Scottish National Dictionary, Grant W. editor, Edinburgh). Our clients wanted something that would fit in with the earliest days of this type of weapon and be as economical as possible for their members to acquire.

The head is approximately 14" long and 5" wide including sockets. This weapon style could be mounted on a long shaft 6 foot or longer or on something in the 3 to 4 foot range as a hand weapon. The head is roughly formed with riveted sockets and left black from the quenching of the cutting edge. This is a piece designed to have individual character and will each be slightly different.

The Highlight price has a few options:

Head only $125.00 with $18 shipping and handling
Mounted on ash pole $165.00 with $45 shipping and handling

April 16, 2007

April Highlight Item: #034 Black Prince Sword

The Arms & Armor Highlight item for April is the #034 Black Prince Sword. A medieval sword with a sharply tapering blade is seen in many of the long sword manuals of the period. This long sword is truly an excellent fighting weapon and an example of the exceptional qualities that the fighting man of the 15th century was looking for in a weapon.

This is one of our more popular swords and is a favorite of many who collect swords from Arms & Armor.

The Highlight price is $590.00 plus the standard $28.00 shipping and handling.

In other news this month, A&A will be having a modest price increase sometime in June. The current prices have reached a point where they do not cover many of the cost increases we have received from suppliers and services. We work hard to keep our items priced at a level we feel is a great value and resist increasing our prices to often but we are afraid the time has come for such an increase.

March 8, 2007

March Highlight Item: #063 Tudor Dagger

The Arms & Armor Highlight Item for March is the #063 Tudor Dagger. This classic medieval fighting dagger of the 15th and 16th centuries has a sharply tapering blade making it effective in the thrust and the cut. This style of knife can be seen in the art of the period as well as many examples in museums.

The Highlight price is $130.00 plus the standard $16.00 shipping and handling.

February 16, 2007

February Highlight Item: #147 Iberian Mace

For February we have a special price on one of our more popular hand weapons. Our Iberian Mace is simple in design but when in your hand it is almost impossible to avoid swinging it about to and fro. Its steel head is mounted on an ash haft and set with a wedge and rivet. We recommend opening the box it arrives in, either outside or in the garage. Appropriate targets will be more plentiful than the living room where innocent furniture may be victimized.

Overall length: 23.75"; Head length: 5.125"

Highlight price $99.00 + $28 shipping and handling

January 8, 2007

January Highlight Item: #075 Henry V Sword

Our Highlight Item to start the New Year is the #075 Henry V Sword.

The sword of a king, Ewart Oakeshott called this the archetype of the medieval sword. This Type XV sword is an exceptional cutting sword light and fast with great control. This month our highlight item will bring an exceptional sword to your collection. The classic lines of this weapon leave little doubt in its deadly efficiency. Many of our customers say this is their favorite cutting sword.

The original sword is dated prior to 1422 (Henry's Burial) and is now in Westminster Abbey, England. We've marked it down from $545 to its Highlight Price of $480.00 + $28 shipping and handling

December 8, 2006

Seasons Greetings from Arms & Armor!

Best wishes of the season to all of our friends and customers. We hope this finds you well and in good spirits. We are happy to announce some new items and improvements to old favorites this month.

The #215 Silvered Smallsword leads the way as we introduce this new item. We have really captured the essence of these deadly swords in this replica. Light and fast, it has been an instant hit with the western martial artists who have seen it.

We have two upgrades of existing products as well this month. We constantly try to improve our products whenever we can. Sometimes they will be subtle differences. In fact, they are often not noticed but other times they are major reworks of the piece.

In the case of the #078 German Branch Sword it is a complete redo of the sword. When we first made this piece we worked from pictures we took when visiting the Tower of London and published dimensions. The dimensions were in fact incorrect so our replica was scaled down from the original. The next time we saw the piece we realized our mistake but it was already in production. Our intention was to redo the sword but seemed to always be the next project to do. Well we finally have redone the piece and now include the gold finish and it has turned out very well.

The second upgrade is an option for our classic #075 Henry V Sword. We have had many requests for this piece with the hollow-ground blade seen on the antique so we now offer this as an option by ordering the #210 Henry V Sword hollow-ground version.

We also have added three things for those of you who spend too much time hanging out on sword Web sites and realize too late you need gifts. The first is a game that incorporates fun and learning. It is #961 Medieval Alliance and makes a great gift for someone with some interest in the Middle Ages. Then we have two high-quality puppets: #962 Knight and #963 Dragon. They make excellent companions and inspire imagination. Don't forget to add them to your Christmas purchases and why not buy yourself a sword as well?

But wait that?s not all! We have also added a new item to the custom section and the #959 Sword in Hand by Ewart Oakeshott book comes with a new dust jacket. This, by the way, is an exceptional gift for anyone who likes swords from young adults to full-fledged sword collectors.

So please have a safe and joyous holiday for you and yours and we look forward to hearing from all of you in the near future. As always, remember we hope you find something that brings history alive for you; something that you feel is made just for you. That is our goal at Arms & Armor: to craft something you can get nowhere else and that you can be proud to have for as long as you aspire to own a piece of history.

December 3, 2006

December Highlight Item: #215 Silvered Smallsword

Our December Highlight item is the #215 Silvered Smallsword. This is a brand-new item introduced just this month. To celebrate its launch, we have decided to make it our highlight item this month. It is based on an original smallsword found in the Oakeshott Collection.

We're taking off $30 to make the Highlight price $620.00 plus the standard $28.00 shipping and handling.

November 2, 2006

November Highlight Item: #014 Viking Spear

Our November Highlight item is the #014 Viking Spear. This fighting spear of the Viking age is based on a 10th Century Scandinavian original. The sharply tapering head is approximately 15" long. This style of spear was effective as a throwing weapon but would have been used most often as a cut and thrust piece in hand-to-hand combat. From the northern seas of the Atlantic to the Norman raids in Southern Italy to the Varangian Guard in Constantinople this was a weapon used by some of the fiercest warriors in the Western World.

The Highlight price is $125.00 plus the standard $36.00 shipping and handling.

October 9, 2006

October Highlight Item: #086 Duke of Urbino

The Arms & Armor Highlight Item for October is the #086 Duke of Urbino Sword. This classic medieval sword with a sharply tapering blade is effective in the thrust and the cut. This style of sword is prevalent in the art of southern Europe from the 13th century to the Renaissance.

The Highlight price is $490.00 plus the standard $28.00 shipping and handling. This is a savings of $55!

September 8, 2006

September Highlight Item: #214 Javelin

September's highlight item is an introduction of a new product. A javelin of classic form excavated from the Baltic region dating to the 11th Century. This is a fun piece for throwing around the backyard or completing that infantryman kit from just about any ancient period. The piece throws quite well and if you get several it makes for a great afternoon with friends seeing who is most accurate. Please practice safe throwing!

The Javelin is priced at $46 apiece as a special introductory price and shipping is $15 for up to three Javelins, plus an additional $2 each after that.

August 20, 2006

In the last decade, the practice of western martial arts has taken huge leaps forward in the quality of research and our understanding of the period manuals. Those of us who were doing research prior to that time remember how difficult it was to track down a manual or even find someone to discuss it with who was knowledgeable about the subject. Today that is changed as we have conferences and workshops around the country every year, many schools and clubs training actively in the period styles and researchers working hard to find lost material and interpret that material we do have to its fullest.

At Arms & Armor we have always been involved in this research as it speaks directly to making a better, more authentic product. We also are truly interested in practice of the western martial arts ourselves. As we have done this, it became apparent that authentically-styled practice weapons were needed and that working in conjunction with some of the more advanced practitioners of period combat we could develop the best tools for that purpose. You can see the results in our Training Weapons section of the Website.

Now we would like to introduce our newest item in that group. We call it the Scholar Sword. It is designed as a single-handed sword blunt for working in the style of combat shown in the I.33 Manual of sword and buckler fighting and other single-handed sword styles. This will be available in two versions: our standard item and a less finished training grade piece.

Fight Safe... from A&A!

August 2, 2006

August Highlight Item:
"Sword in Hand", by Ewart Oakeshott

A highlight for anyone who enjoys the history of the sword. This book is a classic of the Oakeshott style, where the facts of history are placed in an appropriate context and the ease of Ewart Oakeshott's writing allows one to really enjoy the tale of the sword in history. The book was designed with large format pictures so the details and attributes in the text can clearly be seen in the historical examples that profusely illustrate the pages.

The Sword in Hand is normally $60.00, but we have it marked it down to $40.00 plus $8.00 shipping/handling for August's Highlight Item price.

July 8, 2006

July Highlight Item: Rondel Dagger

July's highlight item will excite those knights looking for a side arm for the fall's campaigns on the horizon. A classic knightly dagger of the 14th century, this rondel dagger is the perfect compliment to courtly dress and armor alike. The stout blade and steel hilt is complimented by a grip of ash fluted in a graceful spiral that is comfortable to the hand.

This popular dagger is priced at $215 (marked down from $245) for the month of July. When the fall tournament season arrives make sure you have a new dagger to make the right impression.

July 6, 2006

We start the month with a bit of a setback at A&A. Our stock scabbard maker has fallen on hard times and we are currently out of any of our leather scabbards for swords and daggers. We are working to quickly fill the gap but as of this time we are unable to fill any scabbard orders and are not sure when we will be able to in the future. If you have a scabbard on order all ready the item will be sent as soon as possible.

July is also the start of the Bristol Renaissance Fair outside of Kenosha WI. If you are from the area or traveling through please stop at our both at the end of Shakespeare?s Meadow and see our wears. We look forward to seeing you there.

June 7, 2006

This has been a busy spring for us in the shop!

April started with creating several hangers for a production at The Globe Theatre in London. Then it was all hands to the forge as we crafted nine sets of breast and back plates with cabasset helmets for the sailors of the Godspeed. This reproduction of one of the ships that arrived in Jamestown 400 years ago set sail last month to visit ports up and down the east coast in celebration of the anniversary of the Jamestown settlement.

We are a bit backlogged on some pieces but have been working hard to catch up with things. We are happy to begin introducing some of our new items and over the next few weeks and months you will see several new things from Arms & Armor.

June Highlight Item: #213 Nordland Axe Prototype

Our highlight item for June is the prototype for our new item: the #213 Nordland Axe. This hand axe is a Peterson Type C style axe with a pronounced beard and slightly curved cutting edge. This special axe comes mounted on a raw hickory shaft ready for you to stain or finish, as you like.

These are the Mark 1 versions of this item, the regular stock axe (available in a few weeks) will look like this item but with a few tweaks to the finished piece. There are a limited number of these axes available.

Overall length: 19"; Cutting edge: 4.5" long

This axe can ship today with a highlight price of $45.00 and $20.00 shipping and handling.

May 4, 2006

May Highlight Item: #045 Round Targe

This month's Highlight item is our Round Targe.

The Highlight price is marked down $10 and is now $55.00 plus the standard shipping and handling!

April 6, 2006

The snow has finally melted away in Minnesota and we are having a busy spring at Arms & Armor. We are looking forward to a great year and have several new things in the works that we will be unveiling in the next few months. Look for a sneak peak or two in May and June.

This month we will be concentrating on catching up on some custom orders that are underway. If you have not browsed our custom section before I would recommend a surf through this section of the Web site. You can see the diversity of items that Arms & Armor can craft for you and check out the new additions this month.

Also be sure to scan over our Exhibitions and Productions page. See where some of our products have been seen on display and used in performance. We always enjoy supporting those who exhibit, perform and teach about our past and its importance to us today. If you can bring a spark of authenticity and realism to the representation of weapons and armor in the modern world it increases the publics understanding and makes the context of their use pertinent to our lives today.

The new items we would like to introduce today are the perfect compliment for the Elizabethan man about town who is looking to spice up their appearance.

Two elegant rapier hangers based on surviving examples of these elaborate suspension systems. Turn heads, as your favorite rapier is complimented by the scallop shell motif or the stylized griffin depicted on these stylish period dress accessories.

April 3, 2006

April Highlight Items:
Classic Medieval Dagger or Crusader Dagger

The highlight item for April will actually be two items. Your choice of the #058 Classic Medieval Dagger or the #130 Crusader Dagger.

Each is priced at $135 (marked down from $160) for the month of April. What says spring more than a new dagger? They also make an excellent graduation present for that tough to buy for niece or nephew.

March 2, 2006

March Highlight Item: Spiked Flail

This month's Highlight Item is: The #003 Spiked Flail. The Highlight price is marked down $50 and is now $180.00 plus the standard $28.00 shipping and handling.

January 30, 2006

January has been busy at the shop with several commissions for pole arms. Several of these have been added to our custom gallery. European pole arms provide as much diversity as any weapon type in the world. In many cases there are so many examples that it may be impossible to catalog all the variations of a type.

Here we have added recent finished commissions of a classic halberd, a partisan and two examples of glaive in the French vouge style. Many of the pole arms crafted at A&A are custom pieces. This allows the customer to use history as their catalog, finding items that appeal to them particularly, as opposed to having a choice of only one or two items from the thousands of examples that have survived. The immense range of creativity that was shown by the craftsmen of old is a far better range to choice from.

February Highlight Item: Schloss Erbach Arming Sword

Arms & Armor would like to announce a new opportunity for our customers. We wanted to express our appreciation to our faithful customers who have shown us so much support and appreciation. It will also provide new collectors the occasion to start their collection with a piece from Arms & Armor and get a great deal at the same time.

We will be listing a Highlight Item from our line approximately each month. This item will have a reduced price for a limited time. We plan to have each highlighted piece in stock at the beginning of the special price period. This will help those sword lovers who wish to full fill their need for instant gratification.

The first Highlight Item is: The #082 Schloss Erbach Arming Sword. This is a classic German long sword with excellent handling characteristics and lots of presence in the hand. The Highlight price is $560.00 plus the standard $36.00 shipping and handling.

We have added a list of In-Stock Items Ready for Immediate Shipping.

December 7, 2005

Happy Holidays from Arms & Armor

We hope the season finds you well and in good spirits. Our fall was spent hard at work in our research and development corner of the shop so we have some new items to offer. If the new pieces strike you, don't forget to add them to your Christmas list. The other big news is we have started offering a training grade finish on our western martial arts practice swords. These are the same materials and construction but priced for the budget conscious and for those groups and schools looking for class weapons.

Here is a list of our new items:

Spada da Zogho #205: A "practice sword" for the western martial artist with an Italian design to the hilt and with a tapered blade.

The Lombardy Rapier #211: From the birthplace of the great Italian masters of the rapier this rapier is a classic swept hilt from the North of Italy.

Serenissima #212 Rapier: An early 16th century sword of the Venetian Republic, ready to conquer the known world or defend the Republic against all threats.

Best to all and may the season bring you joy.
From the gang at Arms & Armor

Click on images for holiday wallpapers!

September 1, 2005

Welcome to the new Arms & Armor website.

It has been an age since we updated and we are several operating systems (is this a new measure of time) beyond the bones our old site was built upon so we decided it was high time a total redo was needed. We hope you find it easy to navigate and fun to explore. Our aim was to eliminate clicks, where possible, allowing our items to speak for themselves, as you surf the site.

We hope you find something that brings history alive for you; something that you feel is made just for you. That is in fact our goal at Arms & Armor: to craft something you can get nowhere else and that you can be proud to own for as long as you aspire to own a piece of history.

We have a new sword in the line to help kick off the site, the #203 Fechterspiel Sword. Fechterspiel translates from German as "assault of arms". We thought this an apt name for this Western Martial Arts training sword. It has some of the same attributes as our #187 Fechtbuch Sword but is lighter and better suited for unarmoured combat.

There are a few new pieces in the custom section that are both recent completions and things we completed some time ago but are still quite proud of. So please check out this section, as well as all the others, as many of the photos have been updated throughout the site.

We also have included a section on our custom scabbards. These have always been available from Arms & Armor but the desire for period construction in scabbards has grown immensely in the past few years and we have had many requests for pictures of our pieces.

To redo a site of this size from top to bottom is a big project and we hope that you enjoy viewing it as much as the old site. There are several things that will be added in the next few weeks so check back often.

A note of great thanks needs to be mentioned to Nathan Robinson for his excellent work and great ideas. We would not have been able to accomplish this without him.

Best to all from the guys at Arms & Armor.