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#024 Danish War Axe

This favored weapon of the Saxon Huscarl saw action throughout Northern Europe in the hands of Saxon, Norse, and Norman alike. The long handle and thin blade create a fearsome weapon capable of immense damage to the lightly armored opponents of that time. The high carbon steel blade holds a great edge and is mounted on an ash haft. This was the type of weapon William the Conqueror faced at the Battle of Hastings (1066) where he defeated the Saxon army.

In the Anglo-Scandinavian Wars of the 8th and 9th century this type of axe was the heavy weaponry of the battlefield. The nearly constant warfare of this period would have seen a high degree of the common man being involved in warfare and the axe would have been a weapon many would rely on. This larger combat-orientated axe would be a weapon that would distinguish someone who was prepared for a serious fight.

Due to the wide travels of the Norse the use of the Dane Axe can be documented from Ireland in the west to Constantinople in the east. A truly significant weapon in the history of Europe.

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Original: Circa 1000 Danish, British Museum, London

Overall length: 56"; Cutting edge: ~10.5"; Weight: 3 pounds

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