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#193 High Gothic Mace

A beautiful High Gothic knightly weapon, this mace is one of the most recognized forms of medieval arms of all time. It has been displayed in the raised hand of the gothic mounted armor in the Wallace Collection, London for many years. The photo of this display has graced the cover of many books on armor and weapons.

The sweeping pierced flanges of the head, hexagonal shaft, and bronze base finial are all features of the gothic mace. The head of this item is copied directly from the original in exacting detail. Its balance and weight allow this brutal weapon to be wielded with incredible agility and speed. It is a truly classic example of the innovation and talent of the arms makers of this period.

Original: Circa 1475, Wallace Collection, London (A978)

Overall length: 20.375"; Grip length: 4.375"; Weight: 2.8 pounds

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