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#213 Nordland Axe

The Nordic hand axe cannot be separated from the mystique of the Viking Warrior. These feared fighting men used spear, sword and axe as they gained a reputation as solders and adventurers that is still renowned today. This axe would have been a weapon and tool used whether on the farm, on the hunt, in combat or on a voyage of discovery.

This example is a Peterson Type C style axe with a pronounced hanging beard, nearly straight top and slightly curved cutting edge. The Type C was a style found in the northern half of Norway and in Sweden. This axe comes mounted on a stained hickory shaft, custom turned for this piece. The lower end of the haft kicks out slightly with a small toe to seat the hand when swinging this weapon at full length. This detail is seen on surviving axe shafts.

Original: Found in the Norland region of Norway in an archeological find that dates to the early Viking age.

Overall length: 21"; Head width: 6"; Cutting edge: 4.3" long; Weight 2.6lbs

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