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#217 Burgundian Poleaxe

The Knightly combat of the 15th Century used a variety of weapons but few were as effective as the Poleaxe when fighting on foot. From the earliest depictions in art of this style of weapon being used in the 14th C. to its rise in prominence in the wars and tournaments of the 1500's; it was a first choice for the armoured combatant.

Often chosen for tournament and judicial duels, the long reach and devastating power of this style of axe was a match for even the best armor. Many of the combat treatises of the period describe axe play including the famous "Le jeu de la hache". This was written some time in the first half of the 15th C. There was a great variety in the styles of head and elaborate decoration applied to this weapon but in this example we see a sturdy simple weapon. It would have been seen from the battlefield to tournament list.

The sharpened axe head is integral with the stout top spike and four spiked back face. The tapering langets cover the sides of the hardwood shaft and are set with rivets.

Note: As a long hafted wooden handled weapon there will be variations in the straightness of the haft. Wood is a natural material that will vary and adjust shape due to climate conditions and use. We strive to mount our piece with solid wood of good quality making the hafts as straight as we can at the time of assembly. Just like the originals though there will be some variation.

Overall length: ~70 inches; Blade length: 6.6 inches; Top spike: 8.75 inches; Weight: ~4.3 pounds

Based on Original: Circa 1450 French, Wallace Collection, London (A925)

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