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#242 Norseman Spear
The spear, not the sword, was the weapon of the Vikings. No Viking warrior would be more than a few feet from his spear at any time. They, in fact, had several different types of spears in their arsenal. Today there is much debate on what exactly some of their names refer to specifically, but there is no doubt the warriors of the North where attached to their spears. Our Norsemen Spear is an elongated diamond shape, with a stout cross section and sharp edges. This example would be classified as a Type M in Peterson's Typology of Norse weapons.

This type of weapon is very effective in hand-to-hand combat. The practicality of the spear is demonstrated through out the early medieval period as many cultures used it as the main weapon for their levies and infantry.

You can see some of the best research into the use of weapons from this periodon a great website detailing Viking culture and combat here Hurstwic. Plus see some items made by A&A in action.

This style of spearhead was used for many centuries beyond the original example we chose to replicate. You can see some depictions in the illustrations below. Thus this is a great addition to your collection for many different points in the medieval period.

The price includes a 6' ash pole with the head mounted.

Original: 10th Century Norwegian

Head length: 15.9"; Head width: 1.65"; Edge length: 7.5"; Haft 1.2"

$220 + $51 shipping and handling

#242 Spear Head

For customers who would like just the head of the spear we are happy to help. International customers please contact us for shipping quote. We feel your pain with the steep increases in international shipping over the past few years. We strive to find the most economical and reliable sources to ship to you.

Head only $195 + $29 shipping and handling

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