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#069 Smallsword
The smallsword, a 17th century development in the rapier, first appeared in its common form around 1660. It became very fashionable and spread quickly across Europe. The incredible lightweight and very fast action were an extremely lethal combination and resulted in a minimal style of swordplay. This is typified by reliance on body posture position and line of attack.

This weapon is appropriate for sparing and stage combat with a triangular blade that is unsharpened, what is commonly known as a Musketeer or doublewide Epee blade has been adjusted to create the correct balance and weight of a smallsword from the later half of the 17th century. A sharp point can be ground on this blade upon request.

Original: Circa 1715-1730, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Overall length: 34.75"; Blade: 29" long

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Here is an excellent primer on theSmallsword by Tom Leoni of the Order of the Seven Hearts.

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#180 Hilt Bluing
A professional heat bluing is applied to create a deep rich, almost black finish on your sword hilt and pommel. [ View Example ]

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