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#111 Gustav Vasa Rapier
Elected King of Sweden on June 6th 1523, Gustav Vasa (1494-1560) had led the Swedish people to independence from the Danish King. This elegant replica depicts the personal weapon of King Vasa. It is an excellent example of the side sword style of rapier designed for cut and thrust fencing. Our all-steel replica is blued and accented with bright steel lion and medusa heads on the guard. This striking combination is fitted with a black and silver wire grip. A matching parrying dagger is also available.

The original sword of the king resides in the Royal Armoury in Stockholm. It was nearly lost in a fire, but a quick thinking person tossed it out the window and while sustaining some damage was saved from the fire.

Original: Circa 1550 German Hilt, Blade possibly Swedish, Royal Armory, Stockholm (LRK 13502)

Overall length: 42.375"; Blade from cross: 37.4" x 1.11"

$1380 + $53 shipping and handling

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#6004 Nail Practice Blade
Substitute a period-style practice blade constructed of 6150 steel and tempered as our sharps to this rapier at no additional cost. It has the distinctive forged button tip and rectangular cross-section in the foible seen on original practice blades. These were sometimes referred to as "nails", for obvious reasons. [ View Details ]

#116 Rapier Scabbard
A heavy leather scabbard with a single seam up the back side available in black or brown. [ View Details ]

$175 + $18 shipping and handling (free s/h if ordered with sword)

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