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This item temporarily unavailable #127 Cup Hilt Rapier
The cup hilt rapier was the only sword for a 17th century Spanish gentleman of wealth and taste. In fact, by royal command, it was a required item of dress for anyone appearing in the Spanish Court. This elegant weapon was the final development of the full-sized rapier. While the rest of Europe accepted the lighter and smaller rapiers that would eventually become the smallsword, the Spanish fence schools were still teaching with the cup hilt as late as the 19th Century. This sword has a steel cup with a turned rim to keep an opponent's thrust from deflecting off the cup and into its target. The grip is bound in twisted wire.

Original: Circa 1660 Spanish, Private Collection, England

Overall length: 48.5"; Blade: 41.25" x .75"

$920 + $59 shipping and handling

#6004 Nail Practice Blade
Substitute a period-style practice blade constructed of 6150 steel and tempered as our sharps to this rapier at no additional cost. It has the distinctive forged button tip and rectangular cross-section in the foible seen on original practice blades. These were sometimes referred to as "nails", for obvious reasons. [ View Details ]

#180 Hilt Bluing
A professional heat bluing is applied to create a deep rich, almost black finish on your sword hilt and pommel. [ View Example ]

$85 additional

#116 Rapier Scabbard
A heavy leather scabbard with a single seam up the back side available in black or brown. [ View Details ]

$175 + $18 shipping and handling (free s/h if ordered with sword)

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