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#164 Cavalier Rapier
This type of sword developed from hard lessons learned on the battlefield. The rapier had a great drawback when used in armored combat, especially from horseback. The narrow hard blades would often not stand up to blows against helmets and armor. The result was a sword with a rapier hilt, but a blade made for military service. This stellar example of such a sword has a sharply tapering blade. This maintains great thrusting potential while allowing for stout blows to be rained upon ones enemies. The versatility of this type of sword was quickly recognized and would be found on men of action from the late renaissance to the Thirty Years War. Unique among our swords, this hilt has a thumb ring which allows more control. The octagonal bars sweep around the hilt terminating in finals which mirror the pommel. The hilt is blued with a wire-bound grip finished with turksheads. Whether brawling in the streets or gallantly charging the enemy this sword would give dashing and brutal service to its owner.

Original: Circa 1620, Sulgrave Manor Collection

Overall length: 41.375"; Blade: 34" x 1.6875"; Weight: 2.875 pounds

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#116 Rapier Scabbard
A heavy leather scabbard with a single seam up the back side available in black or brown. [ View Details ]

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