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#116 Rapier Scabbard
A heavy leather scabbard with a single seam up the back side available in black or brown. This scabbard is made specifically to fit each sword.

$175 + $18 shipping and handling (free s/h if ordered with sword)

Custom Sword Scabbards, Belts, and Hangers
Due to many requests from our customers we have brought back period-style scabbards on a custom order basis. There are many details that varied from scabbard to scabbard in the medieval and renaissance periods and we strive to choose the characteristics for each particular item that are appropriate to the sword it is made for and the time in which it was used.

Today scabbards are often almost an afterthought by the average sword consumer. In the historical period of the sword, the scabbard would often cost as much as the sword itself and in some cases more. We strive to make our historically-styled scabbards in the same way as our swords with no corners cut and true to the surviving examples. This can include belts and fittings as well as colored leather coverings or, as was true in the day of the originals, fabric covered. The fittings, chapes and lockets, are made of light sheet metal as majority of the originals were and used when appropriate. While most scabbards had chapes (tips) the use of lockets (throats) fell in and out of favor over time and many styles of sword and rapier would not have had a locket on their scabbard.

The pricing for hard scabbards runs in the $550 to $900 range for most projects. Prices on custom belts, hangers, and fittings quoted upon request.

For more examples, please see our Custom Scabbard Page