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Suggested Reading List
The following list includes a few titles of interest to enthusiasts of Armor and Weapons.

Medieval Craftsman, Armourers
by Matthias Pfaffenbichler
Pub. University Toronto Press
ISBN: 0 8020 7732 3

The Royal Armoury at Greenwich
1515-1649 a History of its Technology

by Alan Williams & Anthony de Reuck
Pub. Royal Armouries Monograph 4
ISBN: 0 948092 22 X

Arms & Armor Of The Medieval Knight,
An Illusrated History Of Weapons In The Middle Ages

by David Edge & John Miles Paddock
Pub. Crescent Books, A Division Of Crown Publishers
ISBN: 0 517 64468 1

Records Of The Medieval Sword
by Ewart Oakeshott
Pub. Boydell Press Woodbridge
ISBN: 0 85115 539 1

The Osprey Men at Arms Series
by various authors
Pub. Osprey Publishing

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