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Revolt Special

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Updated 4/30/2015

Peasant Revolt!

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Revolt- to take action against authority, or to refute control of a leader or government.

Peasant rebellions occurred over 30 times from the 12th to the 16th century across Europe. Some were over quickly but others lasted several years. This combined with the Wars lead by nobles and governments meant many of those at the lower levels of society had direct experience with arms and the hardship of combat.

When push came to shove, most peasants revolts in European history ended poorly. The frequency and intensity of these conflicts speaks to the pain felt by these segments of the population throughout the medieval and renaissance periods. Their arms were often agricultural implements or modified items made by local smiths on short notice.

Here we have several examples of these types of weapons made by hand and hammer, done quickly with little worry placed on finish. The edges are sharp and the spikes pointy but they would not look out of place in the hand of a farmer or serf. Whether gathering your neighbors to stand against an evil overlord; or some village friends out chasing the local mad scientist or evil undead out of town, these weapons are just what the angry mob ordered.


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An agricultural tool with a real punch, the flail is often depicted in the art of medieval Europe when peasant levies are pictured.

Overall length: 72"; Haft Length: 51"; Head Length: 10.5"

SOLD - $260.00 + $46 shipping and handling

Great Axe

This pole arm is a simple shape but was seen through many centuries of use. It seems to be popular in the depictions of the crucifixion from southern Europe. 13th C.

Overall length: 80"; Head Length: 17.5"

$300.00 + $51 shipping and handling


A simple blade shape with a very basic wrap around socket makes this glaive like weapon appear to be a farm implement. But it can deliver a powerful thrust and hardy blow to any enemy. 15th C.

Overall length: 78.4"; Head Length: 18"

SOLD - $300.00 + $51 shipping and handling

Swiss Vouge

An early form of what would transition to the Halberd style head mounted on a squarish hand shaped haft of ash. 14th C.

Overall length: 74.75"; Head Length: 17.25"; Edge Length: 11.3"

SOLD - $300.00 + $51 shipping and handling


A billhook was an excellent trimming tool. Its light weight and fast action also made it an excellent weapon on foot. 13th C.

Overall length: 74"; Head Length: 11.5"

$270.00 + $51 shipping and handling


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SOLD - Spear A- Overall Length; 67-68"; Head Length 8.75"

SOLD - Spear B- Overall Length; 67-68"; Head Length 9.25"

SOLD - Spear C- Overall Length; 67-68"; Head Length 9.5"

SOLD - Spear D- Overall Length; 67-68"; Head Length 8.5"

SOLD - Spear E- Overall Length; 67-68"; Head Length 7.4"

SOLD - Spear F- Overall Length; 67-68"; Head Length 8.9"

These would have been the most common type of weapon, after a stick, in medieval Europe. Hand forged spears mounted on 7/8th inch ash hafts.

Overall length: 67-68"

SOLD - $130.00 ea. + $32 shipping and handling

Kriegssense (War-scythe)

A recurving blade on an ash haft gives this weapon tremendous cutting power. It also looks quite vicious. 16th C.

Overall length: 88"; Head Length: 17"

SOLD - $300.00 + $51 shipping and handling


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A wooden sledge, excellent for driving a stake or denting a helm.

Overall length: 27.75"; Head Length: 6.75"

SOLD - $75.00 + $32 shipping and handling

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