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#149 Katzbalger
The German and Swiss Landsknechts were considered the elite troops of their day. They formed into bands and fought for hire all over the European continent. Society of the period even mimicked their form of dress and style. Their unique form of side arm was the Katzbalger ("Cat Fight"). Designed for the close in, hand-to-hand combat of a melee, these weapons were often shorter than other broadswords but very quick in action. The unique hilt consists of a figure-eight shaped guard, the arms of which originate from dolphin heads and terminate in balls. The grip and pommel are of a unique style as well but are very comfortable and well suited for the style of combat. The sword blade has two parallel fullers approximately 1/3 of the way down the blade.

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#150 Katzbalger Dagger
Made to match the sword, the hilt consists of a figure-eight shaped guard and a grip and pommel of a unique shape.

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