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#151 Writhen Rapier
The boldly roped steel hilt reflects the light dramatically and will impress friend and foe alike with its elegant form. The hand twisted bars of the hilt form a light but very sturdy guard. The steel hilt and pommel are mounted with a twisted wire-bound grip that is crowned with turksheads (a braided knot at the top and bottom). The Italian original dates to about 1625, though this style was seen as early as the 1580's.

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#159 Writhen Parrying Dagger
To compliment the rapier, we have chosen to reproduce a similarly styled parrying dagger from the Bashford & Dean collection in The Metropolitan Museum in New York. This decorative roping technique is an excellent example of the renaissance craftsman combining function and form in a weapon. This particular piece has a fullered blade with decorative chiseling on the ricasso block. The grip is covered in twisted wire with turksheads top and bottom.

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