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#162 Milanese Rapier
The first books of Italian swordplay illustrate this exact type of rapier. Today it is often referred to as a "Spada di Lato" or side sword. The great Marozzo and Agrippa would be quite familiar with this particularly fine sword. The deeply grooved, checkered surface catches the light from any angle and will invite admiration from all who see this weapon.

It is a classic style with two horizontal side rings and can be used by either a right or left-handed swordsman. Its highly distinctive hilt is blued and mounted with a wire grip. The broad rapier blade will give excellent service for both the cut and the thrust.

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#197 Milanese Parrying Dagger
To create this matching dagger, we used a standard parrying dagger of the same period of the rapier. We replicated the surface detail and blued finish. The side ring on the straight guard affords added protection to the hand. The blade has a diamond section with a solid ricasso block and the grip is done in black wire.

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