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#163 German Rapier
The abundance of small principalities that occupied the Germanic region of Central Europe created a vibrant market for weapons and armor. Craftsmen vied with each other to tailor their wares to the tastes and wealth of each court. This resplendent rapier is a stunning example of the work done at the peak of the Solingen swordmakers' skills. In fact, this piece can be traced to the actual craftsman, Johannes Mumm, who's mark is stamped in the original sword.

This thrusting rapier has a stiff narrow blade with a single fuller extending from the forte approximately 12 inches. The guard is of an early form with a post and arm at the base of the hilt arms, instead of the more usual ring. The elements of the guard and pommel are highlighted by raised acanthus leaf designs. The grip is wire bound with turksheads top and bottom.

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#196 German Parrying Dagger
To accompany the rapier, we chose a parrying dagger with an S-shaped guard and side ring. The surface motif was detailed to match the rapier's acanthus leaf design. The grip is wire-bound with turksheads (the decorative wire knots at the top and bottom). The diamond cross-sectioned blade has a ricasso block and narrow fuller.

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